December 31st, 2003

the aquabats!

dreamy weirdy dream journal #1

dream #1 (not verr weird at all)

i was at a darkness gig but i wasnt in teh pit i was sitting at the top and they played 'stuck in a rut' and i was like 'fuck this' so i got a bungee jump and clipped it to the bar and then swung down onto the stage and i was like 'the darkness muth fucking rule! whose with me???!!' and everyone was like 'wooooo!'
then justin said...'hey sexy, how about we meet up after the show?'
and we did.....erhem by the back door exit.


i was at school in the food place at break and me and tiger were sitting opposite the sweet stand and evertime it got clar we would run up and buy loads of chocolate and i kept not eating it but storing it in my bag and she ate it and the teachers were all lining up.
then for no reason i was an underwater princess and there was this fish but he was kinda nerdy (but buff) and he wanted to fuck me and then this really fit fish who was really experienced and stuff was like..'NO i want her' and then they were in a sumo ring and they were fighting it out and i was like 'nooooooooo i want u both!' and then there were complications because they culdnt have sex with me cos they were fish so then somehow they grew cocks like the bear in bo selecta (by the way, this is the edited version, kiran i will fill u in some other time LOL) and then we all went to bed in my king size bed

dream #3 (i cant member this one, but it was the best....some other time bwahahahahahaha!)

smell ya later
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the aquabats!

bitter sweet symphony thats life

well, clara didnt reply to my 'HAPPY XMAS!' text as i guessed. i mean..why get all bitter and stuff, i wasnt mean to her or anything. i just gave up talking to her after all her crazy freaky girly mood swing things. i thought that she would like...beg me back as her best mate or sumthing but she didnt even bother
i mean...when we hid her flute on top of the lockers that time when she had the did she even know it was us? and that was just messing around.. heh
bollox...its so annoying i cant even be arsed not to talk to her cos she does the whole 'im not affected at all and im not upset and im gonna hide behind music theory books rather than deal with real life or death situations here'
anyway..i guess this is it. clara..wherever u are, man i already said shorry for nothing cos we put up with ur mood swings for four years and if u really liked meh so much then why didnt u even try to be my frend again or anything? just goes to show that u dont really care or ur pride fucked u up