December 24th, 2003

the aquabats!

well, its that time again!

happy xmas y'all!
my gay ass bum chum brother is coming home today (hell fucking yeah!) he's so hilariously funny and, like bill gates so tha's good!
he is 19 and gets to swear in front of mutter and vatter and when he talks about politiks (rare, so very rare) they take him seriously. oh, how i respect him

lu lu and anderoo stayed over the other night and i gave her her nu gothy bag which she loffed and she gave me 'outrages drinking games' a water gun, a smoking donkey ciggarette dispenser where u fill the donkey with ciggies and then push down on its ears and a fag comes out of its arse. thats classy smokin. and a game where u strap velcro to ur head and thro balls.

drunken fun...

kizzy loved her 'lovebus' hippy van phone (WITH MOVING WHEELS PPL!!!) and i was happy! she gave meh a doggy tage that says 'sniff my bottom' and i love it and i got a novelty ciggarette holder )are u ppl trying to kill meh early??? u want my vast collection of condoms dont ya pythy! im onto u...) like the one in velvet goldmine and its really long! (MWAH!) and i got 'porno' by irvine welsh, teeheee big blow up sexdoll! and i got a MASSIVE pink furry pillow which nearly suffocated me last night, lol

i think theres definatly a kill-kt conspiracy goin on..

i thought i was so clevered by putting piccies on my lj, but they didnt work and i suck. shorry

u can all see my ugly mug some other time!

kt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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