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went to see 'love achully' with kiz and lu
it was fucked up and a bit crazy
hugh grant was the prime fucking minister (!) and it was quite funny in places
we came into the cinema late and then i tried to jump over some seats to get to the seat in fron but i miscalculated my jump and the fact that cinema seat are all up until pushed down and i went 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' onto the woman in front and then fell onto the floor
it was fun
kiran got totally over excited with the love thing and kept going 'i love u katie!!!!' she got shuuuuuuuuushed by the old man. it was very funny
lucy was coolio. i love lucy. shes so great. and im not just saying that cos shes reading my lj.
okay. maybe a bit. but just so she KNOWS!!!
and people. sophie is right. jack is THE biggest P.I.M.P there ever was
he wrote P.I.M.P onto his forehead becos i told him the pen was crayola washable when it wasnt (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!)
i dont really know what to write!!! so much....
hehehe went back to kirans...we sorted out all the hungover grumpy madness that was on the previous entry. i dont really know what to make of it. i can never be arsed for arguments cos i suck at them and loose so its best just to not have them
hehehehehehe! i was late home and just hanging at kirans drinking wine and i called my mum and she was like 'where the hell are you???' and i said i'd skate home but she gets scared and moaned on about picking me up and then i got this woopy cushiona dn starteed going 'mum! mum!!' into the phone and everytime she tried to speak i squished the woopy cushion and i did it sooooo much and she got so mad and i was pissing myself and goiung 'fart fart fart'

mmm mmm mmmm....JoeT hello. how are you? what was the full-stopyness for? it confused me? are u mad at me? im not mad at you...

daniel looked so fucking hot as cap'n jack sparrow and erm..kirans sexy nun was very funneh as she was wearing a sock on her head and joet is the best pretty boy there ever was. he beats jon. and to maintain that status he must wear pink flares as often as possible
dankooo love peoples xoxoxox
the aquabats!

happeh nuuuu yers

so...hannahs partay rocked out and was drunked and stoned and fun..erm...i cant member mucho but im sure it was all cool
met stephen....who was not like how i imagined him to be was wierd
spent aaaaaaaages talkin to jack and nick and me, jack, henry cafee n william hot boxed the bit between hannahs two front doors...TWO front doors...crazy
so i felt pretty lean
i cannae be arsed to write in here anymore...
so yea...i pulled quite alot of ppl. it was odd. jack said my tongue stud ruled the earth and i was like.."yeah! bitch!"
i pulled alex for what i think was a looooooong time and my knees got muddy..but then he blanked meh so i was like "wah?" but then i realised that i was surrounded by drugs and alchyhol so twas ok
we was menna stay at kirans and really late on in the night like we got shouted at to shut up and everyone had just absolutly gone to sleep and it was pretty dry so we were all like..lets mooch to kirans for munch and bedding
but kiran got really P.O'd when it wasnt no ones fault and she kept moaning at me and then her boyfriend called me a whiney bitch just because they get to go make out in a discreet corner and everyone else had to sit silently in a hall but whenever joe isnt around kirans always the first to be like "lets go home now!"
so yeah..i was a bit fucked a bout that
but i had time to get over it
anyway...went to greasy spoon next morn which was jokes and the fat greek man was hitting on tommy bear and it was funneh and we watched greek TV and ate many a grease, anderoo, tommeh, nick, jack and me all got on the bus to myn and there was this black box at the back and it was ticking and beeping like a bomb and we were all stoned and neurotic and like "NOOOO! its abomb!"
but it was the indicator thingy
then we all played the simpsons hit and run and my dad was bare jokes.
hm...nick said i ruled and asked for my number and i was like..woah. i am hungover and mangy and wearing golf trousers. how cool
henry looked so cute as the haribo boy
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bitter sweet symphony thats life

well, clara didnt reply to my 'HAPPY XMAS!' text as i guessed. i mean..why get all bitter and stuff, i wasnt mean to her or anything. i just gave up talking to her after all her crazy freaky girly mood swing things. i thought that she would like...beg me back as her best mate or sumthing but she didnt even bother
i mean...when we hid her flute on top of the lockers that time when she had the did she even know it was us? and that was just messing around.. heh
bollox...its so annoying i cant even be arsed not to talk to her cos she does the whole 'im not affected at all and im not upset and im gonna hide behind music theory books rather than deal with real life or death situations here'
anyway..i guess this is it. clara..wherever u are, man i already said shorry for nothing cos we put up with ur mood swings for four years and if u really liked meh so much then why didnt u even try to be my frend again or anything? just goes to show that u dont really care or ur pride fucked u up
the aquabats!

dreamy weirdy dream journal #1

dream #1 (not verr weird at all)

i was at a darkness gig but i wasnt in teh pit i was sitting at the top and they played 'stuck in a rut' and i was like 'fuck this' so i got a bungee jump and clipped it to the bar and then swung down onto the stage and i was like 'the darkness muth fucking rule! whose with me???!!' and everyone was like 'wooooo!'
then justin said...'hey sexy, how about we meet up after the show?'
and we did.....erhem by the back door exit.


i was at school in the food place at break and me and tiger were sitting opposite the sweet stand and evertime it got clar we would run up and buy loads of chocolate and i kept not eating it but storing it in my bag and she ate it and the teachers were all lining up.
then for no reason i was an underwater princess and there was this fish but he was kinda nerdy (but buff) and he wanted to fuck me and then this really fit fish who was really experienced and stuff was like..'NO i want her' and then they were in a sumo ring and they were fighting it out and i was like 'nooooooooo i want u both!' and then there were complications because they culdnt have sex with me cos they were fish so then somehow they grew cocks like the bear in bo selecta (by the way, this is the edited version, kiran i will fill u in some other time LOL) and then we all went to bed in my king size bed

dream #3 (i cant member this one, but it was the best....some other time bwahahahahahaha!)

smell ya later
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can u beliiiive?? can u belieeve that buffy beat les mis in the 100 best musicals???

thankyou mr/ms urban decay!
thankyo so much for making my eyes spakly and two tone and my lips taste like atomic fireballs!
mmm...ppl of the world. of lj. go out and buy many urban decays and hard candys for tis the bestest make up everest

i am so completely electronicly anal and pathetic. i threw my nu MD player into the wall because i culdnt fit the battery into it.
my mum has yet to discover the remains..unless anyone has a blue and black sony minidisk they wanna giva mia for noa reason-a?

i miss the hackney massive crew...last night i yelled at my parents that 'this holiday sucked' and that i was spending too much time with my stupid family. untill they corrected me (smugly) that that was the meaning of christmas....

what about presents for doing absolutly nothing.....and eating lots of cho-co-late and betting....WHAT ABOUT THE BETTING????
i have totally become a gambler..i challenged minge suasage roll uncle to an arm wrestle (mind hes about 70) and i won another tenner!!! WOOOOOOO

jack shiny
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so im AT THE BOURNMOUTH AGain..spent the whole day skateboarding along the prom paralell to the roaring sea listening to the darkness and, what a good combination

my uncle just forcefed me a 'sausage roll' that tasted of minge
i tried to drown out the taste with a 'slice of cucmber smothered in cream cheese with prawns and tikka masla on top'

theres definatly something in the water

and whose seen that butter advert thats totally ripping off weebl and bob????
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the aquabats!

hah! in ur face joe! brother challenged me to a game of need for speed underground for a tenner so i played and won, then i decided (in my cockyness) to bet a fiver for anothger game which i lost. a game later, i had the fiver back. so i say doubles or quits and he chosses to double and make it 20 each so i win 20 for being a lazy ass stoner gamer!
hahahahah! go fucking meh!
i kicked joes butt to the safari

where he will fry
and lie
and die

i cry
i sigh
oh my

that was agreat poem
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im so fu8ckin jhigh
mmmm trhis feels good

itrs ared to type when ur high but sall good

i went to ades house and we munched on ahash cakes and watchd horror movies and we were so blatantly high abd my bro was laughin at emh

i noew hav the munchies a
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the aquabats!

everyday should be christmas day


this yr was a good haul....=D

i gotta phat new longboard which rox my sox and goes very fast on which i hav alreday had a bad accident on lol
aaaand a mini disk player (woooooohooo!) i knew stealing jons minidisks last year for no apparent reason would someday pay off (yay for goth music!)
and i gotta new ps2 (the silvery one) and im soo happay cos i was getting withdrawl symptoms after my other one got nicked...i got 'need for speed underground' which is okay and the simpsons 'hit and run' which iS AWWESOME!!! its like gta but without the drugs and blood lust and so on
so those were my major presents..but i also gotta ton of other fun schtuff

my brother is dominating the video games right now cos hes big and strong and i am but a feeble girl

but its fun to watch him be shit

hope ya all had a fabarooney xmas!!!

love to everyone in ljland!

kt xoxoxoxox
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