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"the crab didnt have loafers did?...it bc that would mean you were mega ultra gay"...

i really wish i was related to dane cook he would be the best cousin/uncle/brother/dad..yeah whatever...actually i dont wish i was because then i couldnt try to seduce him....HAHAH..im joking hes so hot tho..

anyways 19 days until japan...thats if i still want to go..ever since the whole thing with ill call him...asshole..i dont want to go at all...i dont want to think about it...and chris guess what...we are going to bewitched tonight i want to see it...so expect me calling you around 8:30....cuz uhh yeah..<3...anyone else wanna come with call my cellular phone...OMG!!! guess what i did last night!...thats right i jumped off a bridge into the water is was sooooo scary lol i wouldnt do it at first...come on it too alot of guts to do it...about half the people in america wouldnt jump off the bridge...well i did it the first time and i really liked it soo i ran back up there and did it again and again...well soon we started all jumping together tyler held my hand and jumped with me and then justin did and callie as well..then we went to the beach and we swam really far out until we couldnt even swim down to touch the bottom..justin was making fun of me because he said i wouldmy have to go out far for it to be over my head...what a jerk...LOL.do after atleast two hours of swimming these annoying little kids cam up behind me after first and i thought it was tyler who grabbed my shoulder..then i hear a little boy say put me on yer shoulders...and he pushed me under the water i couldnt get up so justin got him off me...it was really bad i almost died...well then we went to some place and ate it was a really good day...then i watched coach carter thats a pretty good movie i liked it...i think thats like the best way to coach kids these days..yeah its alot of work but hey it would really pay off...im so great..hahah you all know since i started talking to nathan i started to claim that i was the greatest person in the world not only am i still claiming that i also claim that i take up spots 1-10 now so hahah nathan if you ever read this chris would like to thank you for you giving me my cocky attitude...well Im going to go see ya...hey guys lets go swimming again it was wayy fun...
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