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This song by Simple Plan...(LOL yes theya re on my computer right bye Backstreet boys and spice girls...its ok though im a girl and i was in my boy band stage apart of me is still there...and if you think thats weird this boy i know has alot of Sherl Crow on his and him actually knowing all the words...ha i think i laughed about that for a good 5 mins...aww nathan its ok...yer cute like that..ANYWAYS..me and danielle are going to cook steaks i should invite chris over...but hah im a terrible "gf" and lol i wont...HAH chris im joking...plus yer with caleb right now and i wouldnt wanna ruin your bonding time... danielle has turned me into a bum...i actually took a nap today and i never sleep she was like hmm im going to take a nap...so i was like yeah me 2 soo i fell alseep on the couch and then i woke up and when to sleep in the bed with danielle and when i woke up we were all cuddling together it was cute...yeah be jealous i get to cuddle with the hottie danielle...yess i love the spice girls...9im going to sing to danielle brb.....alright im back so what was i talking about again...thats right nothing really...oh i have alot of pictures to post but as you all know im a BUM....and they will probably be posted later on tonight...sweet...iowa next fall..be there or be square...i think i have lj add...i talk about one thing and then i go right into another and then i go back to the other thing...oh its bad....lmfao danielle is telling me her grandma likes steak fat...its a completely pointless story but ill listen anywyas....gah im awesome...well im going to go

Oh and danielle is a complete dumbass....
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