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sail away from the sirens..
..when the light goes black.
nearly there. 
27th-Dec-2005 04:52 pm
i've realized two things recently. one being that i am eternally grateful for everyone i've ever come in contact with throughout my life. i'm a big ball of everyone i've known. two being that chad is similar in that he contains at least one good quality from everyone i've been interested in. that's why he reminds me of so&so or whomever. he's a bit like my other half.

here's a mix, guys.

counting crows - a long december
phantom planet - anthem
black crowes - she talks to angels
smashing pumpkins - muzzle
death cab for cutie - photobooth
the format - the first single
freedy johnston - bad reputation
modest mouse - 3rd planet
simon & garfunkel - my little town
ben harper - by my side
ween - i'll miss you
ryan adams - in my time of need
smashing pumpkins - luna
weezer - longtime sunshine
weakerthans - my favourite chords
something corporate - cavanaugh park
bright eyes - land locked blues
coldplay - see you soon [acoustic]
bonnie somerville - winding road

any suggestions for a title?
29th-Dec-2005 02:46 am (UTC)
i'm a big ball of everyone i've known.

i agree with that statement.

how are you?
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