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sail away from the sirens..
..when the light goes black.
these old bones are worn; i've grown tiresome. and i know my time is surely gonna come. 
26th-Dec-2005 12:50 am
lord, we married young, and stayed where we came from, and gave those children everything we had. will you stay with me, in my time of need? [though it seems we had such little time for us.]

will you say to me, "a little rain's gonna come," when the sky can't offer none to me? 'cause i will come for you when my days are through, and i'll let your smile just off and carry me.

things are about to get crazy. i'm leaving wednesday for hattiesburg. then shortly after, we're moving to arkansas. there should be one last party in between those two events.

ryan adams tops the cake.
26th-Dec-2005 09:13 am (UTC)
Goodbye, so long, Adieu. v.V
27th-Dec-2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
are you moving w/ your family? it's always hard to say goodbye.
you have much more strength and inner gifts that any of us ever will ever know... from your cryptic entries and you are protective of yourself. which, is fine. but i will always remember the incredible compliment you once gave me and i feel like perhaps this is my moment to return the honesty. i know i will never know you on the deepest of levels, not in this forum anyhow. but i can tell from your posts and especially from your comments that you are full of soul and are genuine and kind. and so i say with confidence, you will be fine no matter what. wherever life takes you and whatever comes your way. you seem stronger than i'll ever be...

*lj hug* =)

btw, ryan adams does top the cake. in fact, he may be the icing, the chocolate, the sweetness--shit, he is the cake!
27th-Dec-2005 10:49 pm (UTC)
i am moving with my fiance. well, husband in a day. i've got things all packed up and have been saying my goodbyes to folks. it's tough, but i've survived. it's such a crazy adventure, growing up. apparently i'm not the peter pan i thought i was, fighting off the inevitable.

but, thank you.

30th-Dec-2005 06:24 pm (UTC) - wow
congratulations!! that's so huge.

good luck on this journey/adventure/path... you will rock it!

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