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sail away from the sirens..
..when the light goes black.
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11th-Jan-2007 01:09 am - adios, unscripted
i think this may be the end of my livejournaling life. it's been a long 6-7 years for me, and i think the next chapter of my life just might not be documented. i'm confident in believing that.

after having lily, i realized my life has completely changed. no more fuckin' around or partying. sometimes you have to metamorphose to adapt.

keeping these journals, blogs, whatnot leaves me with a thick, dark feeling that i know longer have tolerance for.

so to anyone that still checks this, good luck with your life.

and goodbye.
27th-Aug-2006 01:30 pm(no subject)
everytime john cougar mellencamp's "small town" comes on the radio, i think it's "broadway" by the goo goo dolls.

roy used to make fun of me for liking "lullaby" by shawn mullins. he'd say, "your boyfriend's on the radio!"
well, he likes the b-52s. booyah.

i wasn't allowed to sleep till 3 this morning. now i know how he feels when i do that.
chad's mom knocked on the door at 12.3o to tell me she made lunch.
[i thought someone was tapping on the window.]

considering another 9os cd. [the two i already made don't cover it all.]

who here remembers evan and jaron?

we watched the hurricane recently. it was good.
25th-Aug-2006 11:47 pm(no subject)
lucy snotted on me. bassetts are gross.

i'd like to make some changes before you arrive.
so when you're new eyes meet mine, they won't see no lies..
just love.

what a good kick to be on.

[ps - i made this icon from one of our wedding pictures. he's trying to make me eat cake.]
22nd-Aug-2006 08:27 pm(no subject)
some icons. amelieCollapse )
19th-Aug-2006 01:57 pm(no subject)
some ryan adams icons i made.

heartbreaker.Collapse )
13th-Aug-2006 10:48 pm(no subject)

i made theseCollapse )

all images from gettyimages.com
13th-Aug-2006 06:43 pm(no subject)
i. am. ecstatic.

yesterday, i found a not-as-good-as-adobe-photoshop-but-still-okay image editing program.
and i made myself some icons.

like this one.

i have an entire roll of cloud pictures to be developed.
6th-Aug-2006 05:42 pm - squeaky swings and tall grass.
it seems my family and chad's are alike in at least one way.
sonya and her kids were in missouri this past week, and they stayed last night here. i went swimming with them and played and ate with them. when chad left this afternoon, i fell asleep. i woke up around 5.3o, and the entire house is empty.
nobody bothers to tell me goodbye.

it made me sad. sunday afternoons used to make me sad, but since every day is the same as the next, it hasn't made a difference.
the trip was really nice.
we left almost without a hitch by 8.15 thursday morning. it was apparently raining on the entire state of arkansas, so we got to monticello late. we saw leonard's band play and were on our way.
by 6.3o or 7 we were in hattiesburg and went to visit chad's friend millburg. [they haven't seen each other in two years, but luckily he lives in the same house.] their friend rusty showed up and we four went to elliot's. he was asleep, and we stayed an hour or two. millburg and rusty are effing hilarious. i got pretty delirious by 11 and couldn't stop laughing.
we arrived at sonya's by 1.3o and fell asleep.
woke up by 9, and i ate breakfast. we just hung around sonya's and played with the kids till 3.
headed to jackson. everybody failed to mention to me how ALL the back ways around lakeland were closed. i tried several different ones then gave up, realizing it was inevitable. it took us 2o-3o minutes to get to my parents' house, when it should've taken no more than 1o.
everyone ate dinner, and aderian showed up. she almost cried when she saw me. [it kinda hit everybody this weekend how pregnant i really am.] we ended up at romantic adventures, "a very nice naughty store." it was insane. the building used to be a motel, but now it's filled with porn and sex accessories.
she dropped us off after that. chad and i went to michael's, where we met some friend of his. [she was left all alone while everyone else went to get stuff.] that night was really interesting. in short: crazy furry pants, robbery, and "i smell water."
the next morning i ate breakfast with my mom and brother then left for a haircut. the haircut took a HELL of a lot longer than i thought it would, and i was done by 12.3o. [it's so cute, though.]
within an hour of returning back at my parents' house, aderian, amy, jessi, and paige showed up. i wasn't even dressed. my feet started to hurt me, and i couldn't fit into any of my shoes.
the shower was neat. my feet were super swollen, and chad's mom was freaking out about it. we got a TON of stuff, though. it was great. the only person that didn't show up was tember. [she told my mom to have me call her as soon as i could, but it was either busy or no one answered. friday and saturday.] that was disappointing, but everyone else came with awesome gifts.
jessi stayed with us that night, and we went swimming. PLUS, she finally saw hedwig.
chad and i planned on leaving really early the next morning, but it took so long to get everything packed. and i didn't feel good, so we stayed longer. my mom gave us lunch money, so we ate at mcallister's. [mmm]
we got back here by 9 sunday night.

it was so great seeing everyone. thanks to you guys who came.

ps - i dyed my hair back to a shade darker than my natural colour.
[renee, if you see this, the dye didn't have ammonia in it. and it didn't touch my skin. and it was only in for half an hour. plus the hair was dead, so there's no way it could get into my blood system or anything.]

chad's going to buy me film tonight.
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