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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 6/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 6/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15
Words: 3,000
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

"You didn't hurt me any more than I can take, Jack." Slipping down off the bench to slump down on the floor next to him, not wanting to be too far away from his warmth right now. Everything was so much, so completely overwhelming that it was taking him a while to get his brain back into order.

He sighed very happily as the feeling returned to his wrists, "God that's good." Sending a smile Jack's way, looking into his eyes. He leaned in to press a soft kiss to Jack's cheek, realising he's still sticky all over with tearstains still on his cheeks and his arse and thighs were seriously going to burn in the morning from it all.

"Now... I either surrender to the fact that I'm never going to get this place tidy tonight and go back to my flat... Or the other option... which is up to you, I believe." Keeping his eyes steady as he looked at Jack. Right now he'd not say no to pretty much anything Jack could suggest, he's in that much of a bliss state.

"Well..." Jack seemed to be pondering something.

"Well, I dunno about you, but I could use a shower. We could use the team spray down if you like." Just for a moment Jack let a flicker of sheepishness pass over his face. "I have shampoo here, and stuff to change in to, if you don't feel like wearing that suit anymore." Jack was focusing on Ianto’s wrists now. Trying to look like the idea was a nice, off the cuff spur of the moment idea.

It wasn't, and he knew it. He knew damn well that if he got this man comfortable, that he'd never let him leave.

The idea of actually sleeping next to someone, or trying to sleep next to someone was just too appealing. He was so used to getting up and running off back to the Hub when whomever he'd slept with finally dozed off.

The words were out of his mouth before he thought them. "You can stay here tonight...with me, if you like."

It took a long pause before Ianto replied, all the while just studying Jack's face, then looking down at their hands together. "That'd be nice, Sir."

He glanced back up at Jack with a soft smile. He knew he probably shouldn't be doing this... but to go back to his bare flat all alone now and stare at pictures of his now half cyber-ed girlfriend... that he didn’t think he could stomach at all.

"Come on then." Jack made sure to not let go of Ianto’s wrist yet. He was debating showing Ianto his room....even though he was sure he'd discovered it at some point.

He knew that there were spare rooms, a few, down the hallway opposite of the cells...but did he owe Ianto more then that. More honesty after what they'd just done together?

Ianto felt almost childlike as he managed to stand with Jack's help, finding himself being led down towards the showers.

He wondered in passing if Jack knew how often he used these himself, mostly at 5am when he's stayed over sitting up with Lisa when her pain had been too much... needing to freshen up before work. He always cleaned up the place thoroughly afterwards, knowing that the others use it randomly.

He skimmed his thoughts past Lisa, so not wanting to think about her right now. He just wanted to forget, forget all that hardship and actually relax, let someone else take care of him for a bit.

Jack smiled as they went into the showers, and turned the one on the far end on.

"Better let it get warm, it takes a minute." Jack smiled and opened a small metal medicine cabinet mounted next to the door, pulling out some shampoo and conditioner, and some soap. "A good boy always comes prepared." He holds them up with a smile.

"Should be warm now. Lets go." Jack led the way, having been forced to let go of Ianto’s hand in favor of having all of their supplies all at once.

"The whole hub is gonna smell like soap for an hour after this always lingers, but with it being both of us...well..."

"I don't mind the smell of shampoo around the hub... Better than it smelling of Myfanwy's nest." He smiled at Jack and stepped under the spray with a long sigh. "God that's good." He leant his head back, letting rivulets of water cascade down his chest.

Jack grabbed the soap and pondered a 'don't drop the soap' comment, then decided against it. This night was too sweet, and too rare to ruin with being sarcastic. He scrubbed the bar between his hands and worked up a lather, before setting the bar on a shelf that was set into the wall. Without thinking he started rubbing the soap on Ianto’s shoulders, loving the feeling of the moisture combining with his skin.

"You are amazing." Jack said the words inside his head, but didn't realize they were out of his mouth till they were done. He felt so flustered, and confused. He worked so hard to keep the people that really mattered as distant as possible, and here he was, lathering one of the top three up in the shower at work. But god, was Ianto sexy, he really couldn't help himself.

Jack's soapy hands on his shoulders were unexpected... but so gorgeous.

Feeling like he could keel over from the sensation Ianto just sighs, reaching a hand out to the wall to steady himself he almost fell forwards too far and one of Jack's hands left his skin momentarily.

"Sorry... think you've worn me out, sir." He turned with a hint of a sarky smile at the 'sir'

"Sorry, Jack.’s difficult for me to remember, Si..." He closed his eyes slowly as the smile developed and he shook his head. "No... too difficult. I'm afraid sometimes you might just have to imagine I said Jack when I say Sir... Sir."

"...and by that I mean Jack."

"You can call me whatever you need to call me, I imagine the sound of you saying my name will be something I'll be imagining quite a bit from now on..." Jack smiled. "I just realized that we're both naked...I've gotta go get us jammies. No reason for both of us to freeze running back thru the hub. I'll be right back." Jack grinned and spun to go to his bedroom.

He walked carefully up the stairs, trying to not let the cold of the metal through into his skin.

He was a bit away before it hit him...What he'd done. This was his co-worker, a friend. Someone that he really shouldn't have started something with. He slid down into his bedroom and grabbed a few pairs of loose fitting pants before stopping to breathe.


’I've got to Retcon him’ He thought to himself, going back up and out into the Hub, looking about it... ’I've got too. I can't let him remember this. I can't let him fall the way I can see I already am. I can survive on one night of memory. He can't.’ He slumped at the top of the stairs to the shower and ran a hand over his face. ’I don't want to Retcon him though do I? Jesus...I'm so confused, and bewildered. I can't even think straight. I'm considering wiping this mans memory simply because we had a fling. Fuck...I've lost my damn mind’ Jack shook his head and walked down the stairs and as he swung around the corner gave Ianto a vivid smile.

As Jack went on a clothes hunt Ianto reached for a towel and started to dry himself off. The Torchwood issue towels were quite scratchy and Ianto made a quick note to himself to requisition better ones… now he is using the showers for legitimate reasons, anyhow.

Jack took so long Ianto began to wonder if he’d been deserted. It was with a slight amount of trepidation forming in his chest that he lifted a leg up onto the wooden bench to dry his last foot, looking up as Jack finally came back in. Jack with far too big a smile on his face.

’Something’s changed.’

"Jack… Sir? Is something wrong?" The gnawing in his stomach seemed to plummet, becoming a fully formed pit. "Jack? Is it… Have you changed your mind? Do you need me to go? I can… if you want." ’I don't want to... Christ I don't, but if he doesn't want me to stay I'll go. For him.’

Ianto clutched the towel to his stomach, standing up straight as he looked Jack over, wondering what the hell happened inside Jack's head whilst he was away.

"No!" Jack had almost barked it, and regretted it almost immediately. "No...I don't want you to go. I'm just...confused?" Jack searched for the words. The way to tell Ianto that he was more scared of this then any Weevil or Rift debris he'd come in contact with.

"I just...I'm great at the whole love'm and leave'm thing. I don't know what to do here...I can't leave’re my co-worker...and I'm not going anywhere any time soon. I don't want this to complicate things..." ’Any more then it already has. ‘ Jack held out a pair of the jogging bottoms to Ianto.

Jack was being too honest. He knew it...but having already pondered the idea of Retconning Ianto, he knew he'd always have that as a fall back plan. If this all really went to shit.

But looking at Ianto now, standing before him, the towel he'd been drying himself with held at his waist...he didn't think he could let Ianto forget this. He might have to Retcon himself as well...just to live with what he'd done to Ianto. God he hated this.

’Confused? Jack doesn't get confused. What's he... Ohh.’

Ianto numbly took the pants, slipping them on to give himself time to think... but as he stood straight again and looks into Jack's eyes he sees something he really didn't want to.

"We won't let this complicate things, Jack. We said we'd still be able to look each other in the eye in the morning... for my part I meant it." He moved forward, cautiously, slowly, till he was right in Jack's personal space, looking across into his eyes. He’d seen that look before... far too many times... before being told to do the job himself and retcon people who saw too much.

"Don't do it, Jack... don't make me forget this." Not pleading, just honest talking, though his stomach felt like it was in his shoes at the realisation of what's going on in Jack's mind.

"It was beautiful, Jack." He reached out his hands to rest on Jack's shoulders, thumb pads stroking.

Jack’s jaw clenched for a moment at Ianto’s touch. Taking a long swallow of air he tried to shake off the feeling in his gut.

"I know what we said. But I meant what I said too. Ianto you know me. Do you really think I'll be able to keep my hands off of you? Do you really think that I..." Jack winced at the words. He swung quickly and grabbed Ianto’s wrist, pulling him hard against him.

"Do you think I'll be able to resist pulling you in the toilet when the others are out for lunch and bending you over the sink so you can watch yourself get fucked? Do you think for one second I won't be requesting blowjobs the way I request coffee? Do you think for one second that if this went on for long enough..." Jack shook his head hard. "I can still taste you in my mouth, the taste of your skin...and I can tell you'll become an addiction. One I won't be able to shake...and in the long run, in this job...that can be dangerous."

Ianto just smiled, a sweet caring smile that Jack had never seen grace his lips before. His softer side doesn't get shown much... definitely not around here.

"What makes you think I wouldn't want that, Jack. Wouldn't want to be tempted by you. Wouldn't want to resist you to drive you crazy and only give in when I felt you were about to explode."

"I don't go into things lightly, Jack. You know that of me... but I don't go into things without thinking them through thoroughly either. You should know that of me by now."

"If it becomes too much, too dangerous. If one of us wants to stop then we'll do it. No questions asked. But don't make me give this up before giving it a real chance, captain." Ianto didn’t move, didn’t lean in and kiss the ache away like he wanted to. He needed to know Jack was thinking this through clearly.

Jack stared into Ianto’s eyes, searching for a flinch. Something to tell him that there’s a reason to doubt Ianto, or the fact that Ianto’s standing there looking at him so evenly. There’ was nothing. Jack swooped his mouth down over Ianto’s and snaked his arms around him.

"Ianto Jones, you've just challenged me to test your limits." He sneered into the other mans mouth. "Just once in my life I will actually achieve withstanding your charms." He laughed a bit louder then he meant to, and it echoed off the shower room walls.

"I still want you to stay here, with me tonight. I want to hold you close to me. I want to wake up with your scent still on my sheets." Jack’s finger tips drew designs on Ianto’s back as he lightly kissed Ianto’s lips in between statements.

"I want to make you forget and remember, all at once. It’s been so long, I'd forgotten what pheromone intoxication felt like." Jack reached down and grabbed Ianto’s hand.

"Lets go to bed."

"I'll stay, then... tonight." Reaching out to take ahold of Jack's hand, his other hand moved to brush down Jack's chin, holding it steady as he speaks, looking Jack levelly in the eyes, keeping the mood serious for just a few moments longer.

"I'm not going to stay over every night, Jack. So no starting to expect that of me. I'm not in the right place now for anything permanent... Please don't ask that of me. ...I don't think... I don't think I'd like to say no to you." His cheeks lifted just a touch as he smirked. "So please don't ask anything of me that'd make me say no. But for tonight, Jack..." Dropping his hold of Jack's chin to move in closer, pressing a kiss to his lips in the lightest of tempting ways. "...for tonight I want to hold you, be held by you... lose the outside world for just long enough that we forget it's there." Walking backwards as he spoke, tugging at Jack's hand to make them both move.

"I'm hardly ready for you to move in either, Ianto." Jack gave a chuckle. "So don't worry about that." Jack led Ianto down a side hallway, opting against taking him to his room just yet. That was his place...his hideaway from the world, and taking anyone there would mean sacrificing his only retreat. He led Ianto into the small spare bedroom, and motioned to the bed. "You first." ’Its not like I need to sleep anyway, so I'd rather you be comfortable.’

Ianto was a touch confused as Jack led him into a spare room they keep for visitors not needing locking up... but then he's not supposed to have been in Jack's room properly anyway. 'Only to clean... well, and when I was searching for security devices after I brought Lisa here'

He shunned Lisa from his mind and got into the bed, shifting over to give Jack plenty of room. An oddly shy smile graced his face as he held the covers open, it's been far too long since he actually shared a bed with anyone. If he wasn't so exhausted from earlier he knows he wouldn't sleep.

Jack slithered into the bed, the feeling of another’s warmth against the cold blankets is something he'd missed. He slithered an arm around Ianto’s stomach. A small smile slipped across his lips.

"Good night...Ianto. And thank you for staying."

Ianto smiled and got into a comfy position, all the skin that's pressing against Jack seemed to tingle.

"My pleasure, Sir." He smiled broader as he shifted his head, kissing Jack lightly on the lips before getting comfy again, wondering whether Jack'll be there in the morning. He set his mental alarm clock quite early, knowing that someone has to clean up all the mess they left behind upstairs before the others get in or there'll be questions asked... and then let’s himself drift off to sleep.

Jacks could feel Ianto slip off. The small breathing noises coming out of him made Jack feel almost trancelike. He smiled to himself and nuzzled into Ianto’s back a bit more, before letting himself drift a bit...the closest he dares to go to sleep.

Jack came out of it around 4am, and slipped slowly out of the bed, trying not to wake Ianto. Ianto’s job is to clean up after him, that didn’t mean he should have to when he's off the clock. Jack’s determined to not let this be something else he leaves for Ianto to clean up.

He got the weight bench tucked back into its corner, and their clothes mostly sorted before going back into the room, setting Ianto’s clothing on the chair next to the bed. He'd folded them as neatly as he thought he could. He had a pang of fear that Ianto wouldn't like what he'd done...but he decided he was being silly. He stood staring at Ianto for a long bit, before taking his clothes and going to his room.

The biggest challenge of working at Torchwood had just changed. And Jack really didn't see himself being too bothered by that at all.


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