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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 5/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 5/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 18
Words: 2,000
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Warnings: Breathplay, light bondage.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

Those words alone could have made Ianto come... if he wasn't so busy getting pushed and pulled around. And it was getting to him badly, being manhandled about by Jack was such a turn-on. That and the fact that he was tied and completely at this man's mercy.

The praise and the massaging of his wrist was still glowed through him as he opened his lips, tongue wetting them before he leaned forwards, sucking Jack's cock into his mouth.

The taste of him was tantalizingly good as he surrounded Jack with his wetness, teeth scraping just a teeny bit before he shifted forwards again, sucking as good as he could, tongue laving patterns on the smooth skin.

And then Jack started moving the tube again, reminding Ianto of its presence... not that it had been totally forgotten, nothing that big inside of Ianto could possibly have been. He moaned in delight around Jack's length as it moved inside him, his own cock throbbing between his legs.

Jack threw his head back and just let himself enjoy the feelings of it for the first minute or so. It had been so long since he'd wanted something this badly.

The feeling of Ianto’s mouth was almost too much to bear. The movement of his tongue drove Jack to reach and move the tube a few short strokes. Jack tangled his left hand in Ianto’s hair, looking downward so he could watch Ianto take his cock in and let it back out each time.

"God, you’re gorgeous. I could come just from looking at you doing that." Jack slipped a free hand down and tugged the cloth around his throat. "I could probably make you come too, without even really using my hands, on your cock anyway."

Ianto didn’t even try nodding... knowing it'd be a far too futile act, besides which he would have to stop sucking Jack's cock first and he didn’t want to let that go quite yet. He just looked up at Jack with eyes that are far too dark and far too wide and let Jack see the answer anyway.

The cloth was tight around his throat now, with that and the size of Jack inside his mouth it was becoming harder and harder to get a decent breath in. Ianto settled on every other breath... And it was glorious.

He sucked in more, trying a few good tricks with his tongue to make it better for Jack.

Jack whimpered at the things Ianto was doing with his tongue. The hand in Ianto’s hair reflexively tightened.

"You...keep doing this, and you won't get the best part." He gasped and his hips thrust toward Ianto without thinking about the fact that his airway was already half blocked.

He leaned his body, still holding the back of Ianto’s head, and moved the tube almost all the way out of Ianto before sliding back in, almost all the way. Again, and again.

Then he pulled it out entirely and smiled down at Ianto.

"How about we get down to the main act. I don't know how much more I can restrain myself." Jack smirked down at Ianto, and edged the cloth around his neck just a slight bit tighter.

"Please...!" Ianto replied through a strained breath, his chest feeling like he's on a rollercoaster already. He pressed kisses to Jack's length, around his head as well as he can get. "Please, Sir... fuck me."

He looked up at Jack, realising what a sight he must look, completely debauched.

And then he felt the cloth tightening again, sending dizzy waves shooting through his head and tight pangs of want shooting through his chest.

Jack gave a quick nod, he leaned down and unclasped Ianto’s hand again and strapped it back into its original position. He smiled down at Ianto’s hard cock for a long moment.

He picked up the small clear bottle and let Ianto watch him pour it into his hand. Lowering his hand to stroke himself a few times looking over Ianto’s body. He slipped a hand down to reapply the lube to Ianto’s hole lightly.

He positioned himself properly, and slowly started sliding inside of Ianto, so slowly - he felt like he was going to die. But he knew that while the tube had been decently sized, this was still going to be a stretch for Ianto, and not wanting to hurt him he went slowly. He never took his eyes off Ianto’s face, wanting to take in every second that he could of that look. That unchained and so un-composed look that he'd never seen Ianto give before.

"God, I could stare at your face all night." Jack felt himself slide in the last bit, and made an effort to bite his lip and stop, just absorbing the feeling of Ianto’s hot body surrounding him.

Ianto was in an almost dreamlike state as Jack repositioned himself... all he could think about is how long it's been since he last actually had someone inside him.

Before he had even tried to work it out he felt Jack's cockhead at his entrance, pushing inside. He breathed fast and harsh, shifting his backside up a little to give Jack the best angle... and then all he could think about is cock. Jack’s, inside him, filling and filling and filling him till he's so stretched he's almost screaming from it. He held it back, though, whimpering and moaning with every extra inch.

And then suddenly Jack slipped and with a shudder running through Ianto's chest he had Jack completely inside him. "Oh God, Jack... amazing... you're... fuck! So... so completely.... Oh God!" Whatever Jack is he couldn’t seem to form words properly, just lying there, strapped up and helpless with Jack's cock completely filling him and claiming him, utterly at Jack’s mercy.

"I'll take that as your way of saying you’re all right." Jack laughed, and started moving slowly in and out, groaning outright at the feelings falling through his body.

"Christ, you’re tight. I love it. Oh, God." Jack thrust a bit harder, testing his own will power more then Ianto’s. "Oh, I could die right now. And be utterly fine with it."

Something snapped inside Jack. So long, so hard he'd tried to control himself around Ianto. It had built up more and more and here they were, with him shoved deep inside Ianto, who was sprawled and at his mercy.

Jack started thrusting the hardest he could do without rushing himself over the edge.

Ianto was seriously wondering just how long he could hang on... and then Jack suddenly started pounding into him, each slam of flesh against flesh making him shudder against the bench harder and harder. "Fuck!" He could feel his hole being breached over and over, hear the sound of Jack's balls slapping against his backside with every jerk into his body... and above all these he couldn’t take his eyes off Jack, watching the man above him work inside his body, use him in the most animalistic way... And Ianto's sure he's in heaven for every single second of it.

He strained against the bindings, trying to hitch his knees up further to make it even better for Jack, trying so hard to make everything as perfect as possible... but the tightness in his groin had gone past insistent and almost into overload.


The sound of Ianto saying his name damn near did him in. Jack smiled at Ianto and leaned in to kiss him.

"I know what you want...what you need...and I will give it to you." Jack was barely whispering. He reached down and grabbed the bottle from next to them, somehow managing to stay inside of Ianto the entire time.

He dripped some of the lube onto Ianto’s stomach, smearing it around lightly. Then poured some into his own hand, using it to coat Ianto’s cock, and rubbing the remnants onto his own stomach.

He didn't want this to end. It had been one of few distractions that had taken his attention wholly off of all the things he tried not to think about. He hoped this wouldn't be a one time distraction...

He leaned in and started thrusting again, feeling his own slick body rubbing Ianto’s cock down into his own stomach.

It felt amazing... totally amazing. Ianto's mind was quite literally stuck as Jack pressed down against him, trapping his cock between them in that slick, slippery place. His hands grasped around the bench's legs as his cock slid between Jack's stomach and his own. It almost felt like he was fucking Jack, his length throbbing between them as Jack thrust into his hole.

"Oh Fuck, Jack... I'm not gonna last... can't..." With that his head slumped backwards, hips jerking as much as he could to create even more friction. He could feel himself slipping, couldn’t even try to hold it back any longer. His eyes screwed shut, muscles in his thighs tightening as he started to let his orgasm flood between them. "Jack!"

The feeling of Ianto squirming and thrusting against him pushed Jack over the edge. He could feel Ianto lose what was left of his control, and start to come all over them both.

Jack let out a growl, using one hand to hold Ianto down against the weight bench by the throat, and pumped as hard as he could into Ianto, caring so little about his own restraint anymore.

He felt the rush coming only as it hit him. "Oh God… Ianto." And he came hard into Ianto. Feeling Ianto’s tight body quivering against him as he filled him up. After a last thrust, he let go of Ianto’s throat, and slumped down onto Ianto’s chest...breathing heavily.

Ianto'd just started to let himself go, surrender to it all and finally come when he felt Jack's hand pinning him harder than anything yet tonight around his throat. He didn’t even try to breathe now - though he doubted he could if he tried...

And everything snowballed, heat building up in his groin as he shoots out over and over again between them, little shudders of his hips turning to full blown uncontrollable jerks. Everything turned hazy from the beautiful lack of oxygen but through it all he could feel Jack coming inside of him, filling him with an even more fiery heat than his own. It was like he was being claimed, marked in such an animalistic way and its overwhelming... And everything turned black.

He came round moments later to find himself sucking in a huge lungful of air, Jack’s fingers slipping from his windpipe as he feels Jack crush down on top of him, completing the claiming and making Ianto feel like he could surrender his soul in a way he's never felt before. A few slippery tears ran down his face as he just lays there, gulping in air.

'If this is what betrayal feels like... I want more.'


Jack let out a winded chuckle against Ianto’s chest.

"No, really...thank you." Jack slowly lifted his body, and reached around to undo Ianto’s bonds so he could move properly. "I didn't hurt you, did I? I lost control there for a minute at the end." Jack winced as he pulled himself out of Ianto slowly, the sensation was almost too much to bear.

Jack slumped to the floor, looking at Ianto, and took Ianto’s wrist in his hand to start massaging the circulation back into them. He knew he'd made them just tight enough to not do any damage, but he'd been in the position of having two numb hands before, and while it was fun to get there...Waking them up was unpleasant to say the least.

"So. What now?"


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