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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 4/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 4/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 18
Words: 3,600
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Warnings: Breathplay, light bondage.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

Jack watched Ianto slowly get up and wander off. He couldn't help but smile at the fact that without knowing it he'd slipped back into calling him Sir.

That was sexy. So was that smile Ianto had given him before walking away. Jack watched his ass stroll away, and just sat there for a moment, deciding what to do with himself.

"Hey, don't drag it either. I'm dying here." Jack called after Ianto and looked around, saw his coffee mug, sipped it and cringed. Ice cold. But he'd need the caffeine. So he gulped down the last bit.

Ianto returned within three minutes... would have been shorter but the stairs back up from cold storage almost killed him.

He had a large plastic tub in his hands which he passed to Jack as he came to a standstill. In there was some surgical gel that Owen used on his resuscitation paddles, two long lengths of the bindings they used on the medical bed, a random piece of black material and a few medical instruments that were in the tub in the first place. Also a rounded oblong smooth plastic tube like object that only God knows what Owen used them for. It was fresh out of a packet so Ianto hoped it was new.

And for good measure a big pack of cleansing wipes he had swiped from Tosh's desk.

"You do realise I'll have to claim all these back from expenses, Sir."

Jack chuckled and nodded. "We're well under budget. Don't worry. Besides, what HQ doesn't know won't hurt them. Though certainly looks like we won't be promising the same for each other?" Jack fiddled through the things, picking them up and looking the ones he couldn't figure a use for over carefully.

"Alright. You've intrigued me. Where should we start?" Jack set the box down and hooked a loop of Ianto’s trousers, pulling him just close enough to him that he could feel Jack’s on his stomach.

"Tell me what you intend, Ianto Jones." He almost purred out.

"Well I had hoped you'd get these off me at long last!" Ianto smiled out, thumb hooking under his waistband, running it around his waist. "I do hate feeling over dressed and quite frankly something really needs to get out of there." Looking at Jack, all the lust seeming to pool up right under where his thumb came to a rest.

With a smile Jack slipped the tips of his fingers over the edge of Ianto’s trousers and inside slightly. "Like this you mean?" Undoing them he slid Ianto’s trousers and underwear down, leaving him naked and exposed. Jacks eyes lingered longer then he should've on Ianto’s cock, lust flaring.

He raised his eyes to Ianto’s and smiled wider. He leaned and planted a soft kiss on the inside of his thigh, the slight stubble on his face brushing against Ianto’s firmness.

"That better?"

"Much." Eyes suddenly full of warmth as he looked down at Jack's face. Ianto’s fingers reached down, threading through Jack's hair - which somehow looked prefect despite everything they'd been up to - as his cock bobbed with desire.

He stepped out of his trousers, reaching down to get rid of his socks, too. "Now who's over dressed, Sir?" Sarcasm tinting that last word as he looked down at Jack with a smirk.

"I would appear to be." He looked down at himself. "Why don't you help me with that one?"

"Gladly." He said, dropping to his knees quite perfectly, despite the thinness of the rug beneath their knees. His eyes are practically level with Jack's as he reaches forwards, trailing fingers down over Jack's stomach before they come to his belt, undoing it without even looking down... then lowering Jack's zipper - seductively slowly. "I do enjoy giving you a helping hand."

"Oh, Ianto. You can give me a hand any time you want. Don't even have to ask really, not if you’re not feeling like it." Jack leaned in and kissed the corner of Ianto’s mouth.

"Anytime, Sir? You might live to regret saying that, you know." nuzzling back at Jack's lips as the last inch of zipper yielded to his touch and he tugged Jack's heavy cock free, palm encircling it.

"God, Jack..." Eyes opened wide to look downwards, mesmerised by the sight of his fingers around Jack's length so perfectly. "That feels amazing."

"Ha, you should feel it from this end." Jack reached up and wrapped his fingers around the back of Ianto’s neck, pulling him into a kiss to stifle the moan that he could feel coming from Ianto’s hand, directly out his mouth.

"God. If you ever find a time where I turn this down, feel free to commit me." Jacks eyes searched Ianto’s face for a moment before nipping his lip lightly and reaching out to grab Ianto’s cock and stroke with a few smooth, hard strokes.

Ianto had a suitably back-chatty reply all ready on his lips... and then Jack took ahold of him and all the words slipped away, to be replaced with a few sharp moans into Jack's mouth as he leaned back in, tongue lapping and delving again as they stroked in unison, sparks seeming to shower through him.

"As...oh...As much as I'd love to do...mmmph...this all night. I believe you've brought us some things to investigate..." Ianto’s hand was driving Jack to distraction, and he loved every second. Jack reached out and grabbed one of the binding strips and held it up with his free hand, never taking his other hand off Ianto’s cock.

"What could you possibly want to do with these?" There was a mischievous look in his eye. He squeezed Ianto’s cock lightly.

"Well they have such nice buckles, Sir." Ianto breathed out against Jack's neck before he can pull back to focus properly. "Almost as good as cuffs for restraining someone... don't you think?" Moans interspersed between words as Jack's hand worked its wonders on his now steadily leaking cock.

"Thought maybe you could tie me up... bind me to something... make me completely at your mercy." Dry lips slammed closed at that thought, pre-come dribbling from his cockhead all over Jack's thigh.

Jacks eye immediately start scanning the room. Something immobile, but thin enough to get the straps around. "Hmm. Where could we do this..." Jack let go of Ianto’s cock and stood scanning the room again.

"I'll give you one choice. And the way we're going, it will be your last of the night." Jack looked down at Ianto. He reached the tip of his finger out to touch Ianto’s chin and tilt it lightly. "Standing up or lying down?" Jacks eyes lit. "Wait, I might have a way around either of those. Stay there. I'll be back in a second.

Jack ran towards his office, flinching when his feet hit cold metal. "Remind me to get us some damn throw rugs or something." He called back to Ianto.

"You'll have a request form on your desk first thing, Sir." Ianto called after Jack... suddenly feeling cold and very very horny as he was left all alone.

His hand ached to touch himself... but he knew he shouldn't. Apart from anything else he's not sure how he was going to last long as it is the way Jack keeps completely undoing him.

Jack walked back in with lugging what seemed to be a weight bench.

"Lightweight and portable my ass. But it will suit our needs. Just long enough for you to lay on comfortably...and still leave me access to the bits and pieces I need." Jack set it down in front of them. "Coffee table would've worked as well, but it’s not nearly as stable." Jack grinned. "Come here and lay down." Jack motioned at the bench.

Ianto had no idea how Jack got that here single-handedly... but frankly he didn’t care. He thought he may actually be drooling as he padded over, touching Jack's shoulder lightly before laying down as he indicated.

"Fuck, Jack."

The covering of the bench felt cold against his skin... but he hardly noticed, just looked up at Jack with no attempt made to cover the longing in his eyes.

"Right then, stay still." Jack knelt between Ianto’s legs and seemed to be situating the little toys Ianto had brought for him within reach. He smiled and held up the straps.

He slipped the bonds through the bars under the weight bench pulling on up on the left and taking Ianto’s wrist and strapping it into it. Repeating it on the right.

"There we go, you can squirm a bit, but you can't quite get free. That’s always the most fun." Jack grinned and pulled himself to be leaning over Ianto, flicking his tongue out to touch his lip.

With a small subtle motion he dropped his body just low enough to rub his own cock against Ianto’s.

"Get ready to have the ride of your life."

Testing the bindings Ianto discovered they were perfectly tight... just enough to let his circulation get through but firmly tied enough so that he knew there was no getting away.

He was completely at Jack's mercy.

And loving it.

"Oh God... I'm ready." 'Fucking hope so, anyways.'

And as a delightful afterthought, "Please?"

Jack glanced down and picked up the piece of black cloth, studied it for a long moment, and grinned evilly up at Ianto.

"Now’s the point where you come to hate me." He leaned forward and drew a trail with the edge of the cloth up Ianto’s body as he went. When he got to Ianto’s head he wrapped the cloth around Ianto’s head and covered his eyes with it, tying it just tightly enough off to the side where he could get it off quickly. "Lights out beautiful. You’re only allowed to see what I show you."

Jack studied the man spread out before him. He picked up a tool from the box that looked like a scalpel but tested the blade on his finger and found it to be dull. He grinned.

He took the instrument and started drawing light patterns on Ianto’s stomach, just hard enough to dance on the line between hurting and tickling.

Ianto couldn’t stifle the moan as Jack bound his eyes... he felt trapped, bound here and completely blind. He screwed his eyes shut beneath the cloth, surrendering to whatever Jack has planned for him.

He wasn't quite expecting what came next, though... little trails of almost pain... just hovering on the edge of uncomfortable... not quite enough for complete arousal.

He tried to work out what the patterns were, if there were any letters or if it was just random... but it was far too hard to work out whilst blindfold and far too gorgeously distracting.

Jack was watching Ianto’s reaction closely, trying to gauge what he could and couldn't do. Just for a moment he pressed the blade down harder, trying to get a flinch, or a yelp. Anything to tell him he didn't like it. So he could know that he had to stop.

The hard press made Ianto breathe in, deeply and quickly... not a sound escaped his lips, though as he pressed them together, determined not to cave in so quickly.

Jack watched as Ianto’s jaw set quickly. "Ah, that’s your game then?” Jack dragged the dull blade across Ianto’s stomach just short of the point of drawing blood.

"I can make anyone fold Ianto. Don't think I won't call your bluff."

Jack leaned up and nipped at his skin with his teeth a few times before settling on Ianto’s nipple and biting down, pinning it between his teeth and pulling it.

Ianto tensed hard as he was sure Jack was going to cut him... but thankfully he didn’t and Ianto's body started to relax... for all of five seconds before Jack's words sank into him and then he realised just exactly what he's up for now.

'Oh God... So screwed!'

"Try me. You wouldn't believe how resourceful I am, Jack." 'In more ways than you can imagine'

He tried to sound hard... hoped he did... but all he could feel suddenly was the sharp pang of pain at his nipple, that jolted straight down to his heavy cock.

Jack flicked his tongue over the nipple tightly pinched between his teeth a few times before letting go.

"Right then." Jack slid his mouth over to the other nipple and repeated the process. "I had to be fair." Jack slid up Ianto’s body and pressed his weight into him, breathing a few heavy breaths into Ianto’s ear before speaking.

"Do you want something inside you Ianto?" He traced the cool metal of the blade against Ianto’s jawline. "Tell me, tell me how much you want it." He shifted his body slightly and felt Ianto’s cock rub against his own.

"Please, Jack!" Body surging upwards as much as it can to press against Jack's body, shoulders taking on the strain as his cock presses against Jack's.

"Please... so much. So horny, Jack. Please?"

He had no idea what he was asking for... Jack only said 'something' and yet Ianto was quite happy to beg for it now... he was getting so twisted up inside with hunger he would have begged for almost anything.

"That’s what I like to hear." Jack kissed Ianto full on then, for a moment losing himself.

He reluctantly pulled away and picked up the cylinder Ianto had brought from the Medical lab. ’No sharp edges. Got enough lube to last a lifetime, oh, this will work just fine.’

Jack picked up the bottle of paddle lube and squirted some on his fingers. He reached out lightly and nudged Ianto’s legs a little further apart. He rubbed his fingers over the hole, massaging the gel in and around, watching Ianto’s reactions too it.

Ianto opened his legs as far as he could stretch them, taking a deep inward breath as he did so. Behind his blindfold he blinked, hoping to be filled. It had been longer than he could remember right now since he'd had anything inside of him but his own eager fingers under the covering darkness of his duvet. He shifted on the bench, backside now right on the edge of it to give Jack the best possible view of his willingness.

And then he was rewarded by feeling Jack's fingers, teasing at his entrance. "Oh, Jack... Please!" His groin tightened as his cock strained uselessly upwards.

Jack slid one finger inside testing Ianto, deciding that more lube was necessary and poured more on his hand before sticking two fingers inside, and then a third.

He moved in and out a little, hitting all the buttons he knew to hit on himself, turning his hand slightly while pumping.

After he felt Ianto loosen up and get used to the movement happening inside him, he pulled out his hand, picked up the tube type thing and started lubing it. The tube felt cool in his hands now, he could only imagine what it would feel like from the inside.

The thought of the feeling of that cold deep inside gave him a shiver and a yearning.

Ever so slowly he slid the tube into Ianto, little by little, making sure that it didn’t do anything uncomfortable.

The single finger Ianto dealt with easily... two was a bit more of a strain and three was frankly delightful. He gasped once as a stray finger brushed over his prostate causing lightning sparks to shoot through his body. He'd just gotten used to the fingers when they were removed, a groan of aching disappointment left his throat unbidden... but before it had too long to settle in the air Ianto felt himself being filled again.

"Oh... Oh God." He knew what it was... he’d put it in the box, afterall... but he'd never expected it to feel that good... or that big.

He felt himself flushing hard, right down to his chest as the object speared him. It was hard and cold and was stretching his hole till it burned... and yet it was being pushed inside of him by Jack, which made it unbelievably mind-blowing.

"Good? I thought you'd like that."

Jack craned his neck to look at Ianto’s reaction. He slid it in as deep as he could without losing his grip. He started moving it slowly, going just quickly enough to build up some friction, not enough to make Ianto explode. Not yet.

Jack nipped at Ianto’s inner thighs a few times.

"You tell me if you’re getting to the point of no return." Jack pushed it a bit harder then he had the last few times.

Those last few pushes made Ianto gasp again, shuddery inward breaths as his fingers clenched and unclenched... he shuffled his wrists around painfully until he could grasp ahold of the bars he was tied to, making it easier for him immediately.

"Christ, Jack!" Mouth left hanging open as the tube slid and thrust in and out of him, each inwards push made it build up inside of him more and more till everything was centered in his cock and balls.

His groin felt heavy and needy. Muscles tense and quivering under Jack's continued work. "Please... God, Jack...!" His toes curled in, eyes slamming needlessly closed as his hips stuttered off the bench. "Getting... getting close."

He was too close already, closer than he would have liked to admit... but he was sure he could hold it back yet... despite the burning feeling in every muscle in his body.

Jack stood and moved to stand next to Ianto’s head leaving the tube hanging slightly out of him and pulled the cloth down off of his eyes, sliding it down to rest around Ianto’s throat. He rubbed his cock against Ianto’s mouth and stared down at him.

"Since you need to take a rest anyway, if you’re doing well...I'll do this." He leaned with his cock still in Ianto’s face and moved the tube slightly in and out.

Jack reached down and took hold of the edge of the fabric that had covered Ianto’s eyes. "And look, you even come with a navigating system." He gripped near the knot in the cloth and tugged lightly, watching the cloth tighten around Ianto’s throat slightly.

'If this is Jack's idea of taking a rest then I'd hate to see him sleeping!' Ianto thought as he found his eyes suddenly uncovered, his entire vision taken up with the glorious sight of a naked Jack Harkness standing over him. He opened his mouth obediently, tongue lapping out over his bottom lip to catch the trail of pre-come that's formed on Jack's head. He longed to lift his head up and suck properly but he really couldn’t, tied down as he was... and then Jack made that thought disappear anyway as he started up again with the tube's motions.

His mouth was still hanging open and his cock jutting needlessly between his wantonly opened legs as Jack tugged at the cloth. "Sir!" Escaped involuntarily from his lips as his breath caught, already breathing heavier in preparation of his oxygen supply becoming cut off.

It was all a bit much and Ianto found himself quivering like a little girl, lips kissing wetly at Jack's cock head as it rested over his mouth.

"What Ianto, do you want this in your mouth? Or do you want that in your ass? I want to make sure your getting what you want." As he said it he tightened the cloth around Ianto’s throat.

He took hold of his cock and pushed it a bit into Ianto’s mouth, nothing deep enough to satisfy either of them, but damn did it look sexy.

"I.... I..." Tongue lapping upwards as Ianto managed to take in all that Jack had allowed him, reddened lips closing around it as he managed to suck just a little bit.

The cloth around his throat was far too distracting, though, causing even the ever shifting tube within him to fade into the background... and he answered with the only option he hoped would satisfy.

"Please... whatever you want to do to me I'll take it. Whatever I'm allowed."

"You...are spectacular. You’re just so good. So good in fact that I'll do you a favor." Jack leaned and undid the armstrap on the opposite side of Ianto that he was on, taking Ianto’s wrist in his hand and massaging it, pulling it towards him so Ianto rolled on his side. Then pulled his hand down and hooked the bind to a bar that ran along the top of the table above Ianto’s head.

"Now, since you’re on your side, you can do both." Jack grinned at Ianto. "How long is up to you. If you can't take it anymore or want me to...change my plan of attack. And it’s done." Jack said as he stepped close enough to press his cock harder then before against Ianto’s lips, and reached his arm down and pulled Ianto’s knees up a bit so that he could get better access to the tube that was still hanging out of him.

"Suck my cock Ianto. I want my cock in your mouth."


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