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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 3/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 3/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 18
Words: 2,000
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Warnings: Breathplay, light bondage.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

Jack’s hand slipped into Ianto’s hair and he tugged it lightly, not wanting to push anything, so he resisted the urge to pummel Ianto’s mouth with his own. He pushed back towards Ianto though and moved his mouth slowly, and carefully as to not betray how aggressively he was holding himself back. After a moment he pulled back a bit and smiled at Ianto.

"Everything you hoped for?" His fingers still hooked in Ianto’s hair, he rubbed a thumb along Ianto’s jaw just below his ear.

Ianto was stunned at how gentle the kiss was… then he realized he could feel Jack holding back

He nodded, breathlessly, tongue lapping out across his lower lip, tasting Jack on it. He nuzzled slowly against the hand, catching his breath and reliving the kiss in his mind. "More." Looking down at Jack with a hint of uncertainty he wasn’t sure if he’d get this request, but he did ache for it.

He lowered his head again, capturing Jack's bottom lip for a moment. "Please."

Jack let out a moan that almost sounded like a growl at Ianto’s lips on his own again. He closed his eyes and seemed to be lost for a minute. He made an attempt to breathe slower and not think about Ianto on top of him, looking so innocent he wanted to rip his clothes off and dirty him.

"Shit." Jack let his eyes flutter open and look up at Ianto. He let his hand slide down slowly and began tracing the line of his jaw, going round to the tip of his chin now.

’Why do you make it impossible for me to control myself? Why do I become a 15yr old virgin when I look at you like this?’

Jack gave in and pulled Ianto down to him stopping for a second just before their lips met, to study the look on Ianto’s face and the fire in his eyes.

Ianto gazed down, seeing Jack make some sort of decision.

The fingertip along his jawline was electric, entrancing him.

And though he didn’t think he would remain intact if he got a no in reply, he found he had to ask, had to mirror Jack's earlier questioning. "Are you sure...?" Looking down on Jack as he kissed him softly, little presses of lips trailing off to the corner of his mouth before lifting his head again.

"Will you be able to look me in the eye tomorrow, Jack?" Praying with every fibre of his body that he gets a yes.

"God. I'll be able to look you in the eye. Might not be able to keep my hands to myself though." Jacks voice sounded rough..."This is such a bad idea. But I don't think I'd recover if we didn't..."

"Oh thank God... I'd have killed myself if you'd said no."

With a smirk of a smile he descended once more, fingers tangling in Jack's hair as he gave up his usual restrained and calm self, devouring Jack's lips with his own. And he could feel himself hardening even more against Jack's thigh as he pressed himself down fully.

"Don't even think about it." Jack snarled.

He thrust his hips upward towards Ianto...grinding his mouth against Ianto’s. "God you’re gorgeous."

That was more like it... that got Ianto's heart pumping faster than anything yet tonight. That surge of power, that spark that seemed to be flowing through Jack and straight into Ianto's groin.

His words elicited a smirk from Ianto, whose hands started traveling steadily downwards, thumbs brushing across skin, fingernails leaving light trails behind.

His lips smashed down against Jack's, tongue seeking entrance and delving inside, mapping teeth and palette and sliding against Jack's tongue devilishly.

Jack gripped Ianto by the back of the neck and dug his nails in lightly there. Jack could feel himself gasping at Ianto’s touch, without even realizing the affect it was having on him.

"Come on dear Ianto, I know you can do better then that with those talented hands of yours." Jack spoke almost into Ianto’s mouth, his hand sliding around to grip Ianto’s throat lightly.

Ianto’s scent was invading his mind, his taste reaching deep inside of him and waking feelings he'd thought long dead.

’This Welshman is going to be the death of me...’ He thought to himself, in an amazing moment of clarity between being absorbed by his senses.

The touch at his throat almost undoes him then and there... he managed to take in a sharp breath against Jack's lips to regain his strength... and then he stopped thinking, letting his body take control. His fingers dug in further, delving down under Jack's waistband to scrape against tender skin before shifting between them to work Jack's belt open.

"I like it when you jump straight to the point Ianto.” Jack groaned at the feeling of Ianto’s fingers sliding lower then he thought they ever would. "But it seems to me you’re still a little overdressed yourself." He gained his composure for a moment and started pulling at Ianto’s shirt.

Ianto couldn’t help but growl a bit in frustration as he realised he can't go on kissing Jack like this and also let them both get undressed. Taking one last nip to Jack's lower lip he pulled up, shifting on his knees as he finally got Jack's trousers undone.

"Such a hard decision... your trousers off or my shirt...?"

"I vote for both." Jack was fumbling with Ianto’s buttons, trying hard to fight his way thru the cloth and down to the skin. "For all the beauty of it, I hate this shirt right now." Jack half laughed. He shook his head violently after a minute, slid his hands up to Ianto’s collar, and yanked the shirt open, button after button flying over his shoulder. "I'll buy you a new one." Jack pushed the shirt off Ianto’s shoulders, and with one swift movement flipped their positions so Ianto was flat on his back on the floor.

Jack let his fingers draw trails across Ianto’s chest. "I want to taste every inch of your body." Jack leaned in to nip a few select spots on Ianto's chest. "I want you to tell me everything you've ever wanted to try, to feel. And I will show you things you'd never thought to think of."

All of Jack's promises sink through Ianto's skin like fire, fueling him into a frenzied mass of want inside.

"Fuck, Jack!" His shoulderblades feel like they’re sinking into the rug as he reached up, fingertips dragging down Jack's neck, circling round his nipples closer and closer till thumb and fingertip connect to squeeze and twist all at once.

"Want to feel you... want to feel you so deep in my skin I can't feel anything else." Hips shifting up futilely as his stomach fluttered, being pinned under Jack like this was far too good a feeling and he could feel the wetness of his cock leaking out against his trousers.

"Want you in me, Jack... filling me up till nothing else matters."

Jack let a wicked grin spread across his face. "Impatient boy. Wait..." Jack reached up to grab Ianto’s throat to pin him to the carpet. "...your turn."

He started trying to fumble with Ianto’s belt, and keep absorbing the look of lust on Ianto’s face, and seemed to be torn between the two.

Ianto's ears were filled with 'boy' and then 'wait' ...and then everything went hazy as Jack's fingers clasped around his windpipe. He found himself staring up into Jack's heated eyes, mesmerised as his breathing halted beneath the stranglehold that Jack's fingers had on his neck and on his brain. His ears rang, blood flooding to his cheeks, making him look like some debauched cherub.

His fingers spread out on the carpet, nails digging into the thread of it as his hips stutter upwards... he couldn’t seem to hold them back.

Jack squeezed a bit tighter for a moment, then loosened his grip. He leaned in to Ianto’s ear, hand still placed on his neck, but not tight enough to do anything.

"Now, that’s just a taste of what I can give." Jack made it a point to speak slightly more breathily then he regularly would. Knowing the sensations of Ianto’s skin there would be recently intensified by the lack of oxygen in his blood. "We need some supplies though. Some things to make this a bit... easier. I can't seem to stop touching you long enough to make the trip though." Jack nipped at Ianto earlobe. His other hand still making small strides in undoing Ianto’s belt. He pulled his hand away from Ianto’s neck entirely and made a line of nips and kisses over to Ianto’s other side, licking his earlobe lightly. "I can't wait to taste you. The scent of you is intoxicating." And with the most restraint he'd ever possessed he pulled away and propped himself up on his arms. He looked down at Ianto for a long moment.

"I'm going to let you go and get the supplies...since you know 'my organization' style much better then I do."

Ianto's mind was so floaty he could hear Jack's words, feel them hard and heavy against his ear... but he couldn’t quite work out what actual words are being said. He's lost already, lost in Jack's touches, lost in Jack's kisses... lost in the fact that finally his belt seems to have given up its fight.

And then Jack pulled back, leaving Ianto completely bereft and vulnerable, completely out of his mind with desire... and trying to figure out why Jack stopped and was now looking down at him.


Jack half laughed. "Go find supplies. And be inventive. There are a few obvious needs, but there are plenty of things in this place that could have much naughtier uses. Go find them. I want to see how inventive you are."

Jack was lucky that the feeling of pain made him excited. He was in an amazing amount of it now. The pain of restraint. The pain of not touching. The pain of feeling like his lower body were about to burst.

God he'd missed this fun. It had been so long since someone really caught his attention. The way Ianto did.

'He just kissed me into next week... held my throat till I couldn't even remember how to think... and now he wants me to get up and find supplies? The man's insane!'

However, the words that actually came out of Ianto's lips were. "Yes, Sir... supplies it is, then."

He struggled upwards, arms feeling like they've turned to jelly, chest feeling like it's been inhabited by a flock of butterflies. And when he's finally sitting he finds his face almost level with Jack's - which is so not helping his thinking process. That is, the process of trying to remember how to think of things other than Jack.

Eventually he managed to stand, ignoring the cotton-wooly feeling in his legs as he looked down at Jack briefly, smiled crookedly, and then wandered off through the Hub in the hunt of good stuff.

He knew he must look a right state, belt undone and cock straining at his half undone zipper... big stickily wet patch showing through from where his cock keeps leaking. That and the fact that he's shirtless, red marks at his throat and neck, contrasting devastatingly well against his white skin.


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