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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 2/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 2/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 18
Words: 2,400
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Warnings: Breathplay, light bondage.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

Jacks breath hitched for a second at Ianto’s touch, and he let the grin slip over his lips before he could will it to stop.

"You want a chance to get your hands around my neck Ianto? I do believe you said you'd give me a massage if I asked nice enough." He set his fingertips on Ianto’s knee lightly.

Ianto's eyes opened slightly wider as Jack's hand settled on his knee. He used as much of the spare braincells he had left to navigate his coffee mug down to the table, all without breaking contact with Jack's eyes.

"You only have to ask, Captain." He looked down to Jacks hand briefly to memorize the sight. And then returning his gaze to Jack's eyes, for once in his life actually letting down his well kept guard and letting some emotion show. "You only ever have to ask."

"Well then, I'll remember that. My neck is killing me, I feel like I have a knot in my shoulder the size of a small country. And something tells me that your hands know just how to fix both." He leaned foreword to take his shirt off. "This needn't be in your way."

He couldn't help but think to himself how ironic it was that he could heal from a bullet wound, but needed Ianto’s help with a neck ache. Could be he just wanted Ianto’s help? It had been so long since he'd been touched in such an unmistakably sensual way. He was being greedy, and he knew it...but he also knew that Ianto would enjoy it just as much as he did.

Ianto watched as Jack dealt with the last few buttons, he almost can't help himself but to lean forwards, too, smoothing the shirt off the Captain's shoulders.

"This needs to go, too." Nodding towards Jack's t-shirt as his suddenly trembling fingers start to pull it up, fire filling his stomach as they brush skin. "Ohh, wait. Need something." Ianto got up, quite aware suddenly that his knees were shaking from the anticipation. "I'll be right back." And with that he dashed off towards Suzie's desk, riffling through one of her drawers.

Jack slipped the t-shirt over his head and turned to look at what Ianto was doing.

"Does Suzie know you rifle through her drawers when she's not around?"

"Considering I'm the one that tidies them I doubt she notices." Smirking at the implied regularity of his drawer rifling he walked back over to Jack with something held behind his back.

"Lie down then, Jack."

Jack cocked his head slightly, and decided the floor would be best. There was a rug here so it wasn't going to be cold...and this couch was just a bit too short. So he sprawled himself out on the floor, feeling a mild satisfaction at the way Ianto had taken hold of the situation.

"Have your way with me then." Jack hadn't really meant that to sound as dirty as it had, but didn't really mind it either.

Ianto put the hidden object down, well out of jack's vision and took off his jacket, looking down at Jack's bare back for a moment and decided to toe off his shoes and take his tie off, too. He might as well try to relax a little too, and he didn't want his clothes ruined.

Jacket hung up neatly on the back of Owen's chair and tie folded neatly across its shoulder he walked back over to Jack, turning up his shirt sleeves neatly.

"Close your eyes Jack, and relax or this isn't going to work." With that he straddled Jack’s thighs, far far too close to Jack's upturned backside for comfort, and reached for the object, unscrewing the top of the jar and scooping some of the lotion out, running his coated fingers right up Jack's spine to distribute it.

"This is my Mam's secret recipe liniment for aching muscles. I gave it to Suzie months back when she said her neck ached. ...She only used it twice before it got resigned to the drawer. I told her it works best with repeated use but obviously advice like that is meant to be ignored."

Ianto smiled at his own sarcasm, all the while he's been talking his fingers have spread the liniment out, coating Jack's skin and filling the air with a gorgeous aroma.

The feeling of Ianto’s hands working the slightly cool cream into his skin was enough to make Jack want to melt into the floor, but the thought of what those hands could do kept him tense.

"Smells gorgeous. God you’re amazing. Am I to take it that this is going to be a regular occurrence then, whenever I get achy you'll give me a rubdown?"

He made a genuine attempt at not feeling Ianto’s weight pinning him and slightly pushing him down into the carpet.

’Don't need to think about that...concentrate on his hands...cuz god knows that will help...’

As soon as the liniment was evenly spread Ianto took to massaging properly, delicate and skilled fingers finding each knot and uncoiling it, making each tense muscle submit under his hand ministrations.

It only took him a few minutes to get hard, rocking back on his thighs as much as he could, hoping Jack couldn’t feel it.

He shifted forwards a little so he could do Jack's shoulderblades properly, swallowing hard as his balls rested against Jack's backside. 'So utterly screwed! He's gonna feel it... Oh God go down you stupid bastard thing.'

"Like I said Captain. You just have to ask."

'Ask and I'll give you anything. If only you knew how much. Everything I have left to give.'

Jack was mesmerised at Ianto’s hands working the knots out of his back for a good long time. He knew he’d been grunting and groaning from the pain, but apparently Ianto doesn't mind because he hasn't said anything to disparage him.

By the time Ianto hit his shoulderblades he could almost feel the concrete under the rug bruising his hips from Ianto’s weight, and the pressure of it on him was almost too much to bear.

"I love it when you call me Captain, you know that right. So formal, but so much more comfortable then sir..." Jacks tone sounded much more relaxed then he actually felt and he complimented himself on it.

"Noted, Captain. I'll be sure to reserve its usage for special occasions."

His fingers turn from un-knotting to relaxing - soothing. Now most of the causes of the tension were drained he just had to work on the real task ahead. Getting Jack to relax.

"How're you feeling?"

"Amazed. Where did you learn how to do that so well?" Jack muttered into the carpet. He was really trying to let himself sag into the carpet, but certain parts of his body were being quite resilient in their fight to stay just where they were.

He arched his shoulder back a bit to stretch the muscles there and laid it down again, feeling the warmth of a real stretch flow through his body.

"It's amazing what talent's you can pick up in my line of work." Ianto mused out loud, palms spreading out over Jack's shoulders.

Somehow giving massages always relaxes him too, and he starts to murmur to himself as each muscle group relaxes. He could feel the muscles easing in Jack's back and he leans further forwards, forgetting himself.

Jack could feel Ianto lean into him and smiled to himself wildly.

"Glad to see you’re enjoying this as much as I am..."


Ianto shifted back again quickly with a quick inward breath as he realised what Jack meant.

"Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to, I ... ohh."

And then his brain finally caught up with what Jack actually said. "Ohh. You... don't mind?"

"For a man with such talent you seem so surprised...I'm not offended, I'm complimented. It’s natural...and downright sexy in my opinion."

Jack loved Ianto for his innocence sometimes, he really did. The fact that he really didn't realize Jack was having the same problem, thought the fact that he was on his stomach was doing wonders to hide it, was so adorable Jack couldn't help but grin.

"Well... well that's alright, then." Trying to unpuzzle the situation in his mind as he leaned forwards again, just a little bit though, and starts soothing his hands downwards across Jack's supple back.

Jack let out a small groan at the feeling of Ianto’s hands, and weight pressing down on him.

"So, since the last one was so delicious...let me have another weird fact about Ianto Jones. Please inform me, teach me about you."

Ianto thought for a long moment, fingers digging out a puzzling knot by Jack's spine.

"I was 8 when I first got kissed... but waited till I was 17 before I had proper sex."

"Boy or girl? That applies to both questions by the way." Jacks voice betrayed the wince on his face at Ianto digging into the offending knot. "The amount of pain you’re giving me right now is enough to...let’s just go right ahead and move on from that train of thought shall we." Jack caught himself just in time.

"Boy for the first, Girl for the second." Ianto almost mumbled out, blushing again despite his best efforts not to. And then he decides to actually be bold and say what's on his mind.

"And Sir, I think it's only fair if you share... seeing as I have."

Jack half nodded. "Ask me something then. I'll be as honest as possible."

"Well then, what is this amount of pain enough to...?"

"How did I know? It’s enough to make me unable to stand, walk, or function for a good little while. Diverts blood from my brain. Wasn't always that way, but they say everyone has one pivotal moment in their life that makes up their sexual energy. That sets the mood so to speak."

Jack could feel himself relaxing wholly...Ianto’s hands were making him melt, and he was loving every second of it.

"You like pain, Captain? Doesn't sound like it helps you focus, though... quite the opposite, in fact." Shifting back on Jack's thighs a bit more. Biting his bottom lip hard as he realises what a delightful position he's now in.

'I'm so screwed.'

"No, pain is defiantly a distraction. So is the way you’re sitting..."Jack half mumbled the last part.

"Any other deeply needed question asking that you feel like doing dear Ianto? Anything else you can't bear to hold inside anymore." Jack tried to keep his voice from slipping into 'seductive mode' as he said the words; it didn't work very well though.

Ianto swallowed hard, ducking his head as his shoulders sagged.


He spread his hands out on the small of Jack's back, feeling the skin warm and living beneath him. So good. So what he's dreamed of, those kind of dreams where you wake up trembling and bemused. "I..."

"I'm not very good... at putting myself forward... of asking." Thumb stroking over soft skin, though he wasn’t aware he's doing it. And his last words came out as a bare whisper. "There's so much inside, Jack, that I wish I could..."

"Ianto. You’re a man of few words, I've noticed. But I need you to know that whatever it is you want to ask, you better ask it now. As you know I'm not always the open talkative type. Take advantage of the fact you have me pinned to the floor with no way to run away from your questioning." Jacks smile showed through in his voice and he knew it. He figured that Ianto would be comforted and gain some bravery from his joke. At least that was what he was hoping.

Ianto smiled, trying his hardest to relax. His body stilled everything except the thumb pad that keeps on stroking as if on its own accord.

"I wanted to ask. Can... Can I kiss you, Jack?"

Well, it's not exactly everything that's on Ianto's mind right now... but for him it's one heck of a start.

Jack was glad he'd forced the question out of Ianto, but stifled at how to react.

The boy was gorgeous, that much was true...but given their topics of conversation of the evening, was it a good idea? Could a kiss just be a kiss when both men were obviously already hot and bothered.

Who was he kidding?

"I thought you'd never ask."

Ianto smiled breathlessly, looking down at the body below him with a certain degree of trepidation. He backed off a little, fingers leaving Jack's skin softly and with a certain amount of regret.

He shifted one hand to Jack's side, rocking back slightly on his heels, urging Jack to turn over gently.

As he turned Jack he couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight; Jack laid out below him as he settled down on Jack's thighs, biting at his lower lip as he looked down upon him.

"Are you sure..." Jack let a real sensitive look slip past his bullshit exterior. "I don't want any regrets on your part. I want you to be able to come into work tomorrow and look me in the eye."

He reached out and took Ianto’s hand in his own, pulling it down to set on his chest, just above his heart. "Do you feel what you've done to me?"

Ianto nodded, dry lips hanging unconsciously open as his hand settled over Jack's heart, feeling the fast beating trembling beneath the surface.

And that look on Jack's face, the complete sincerity that he's only seen glimpses of before. "I'm sure, Jack... I'm so sure it's frightening."

His other hand reached downwards, cupping lightly against Jack's cheek as the thumbpad stroked just once... and then his palm slipped onto the floor, supporting his weight as he leant forwards, face hovering just above Jack for a few seconds as he drank in the sight, hand still feeling that heartbeat race.

And then he leant down, lips parting as they meet Jack’s.


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