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Fic: The Middle of Everywhere 1/6

Title: The Middle of Everywhere 1/6
Authors: nixxie_ & atheneunknown
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 18
Words: 3,250
Disclaimer: Mine? Sadly no. Only in my daydreams.
Summary: When two men actually talk they quite often find a lot in common.
Warnings: Breathplay, light bondage.
Beta: Jenni K
Notes: This was written as part of an RPG over at so the POV changes from Ianto to Jack with every double line break. Set sometime during Suzie’s tenure at Torchwood 3.

Jack sat with his back propped on a pillow, reading a book in his room. The room didn't offer all that many luxuries, but it certainly did offer a moment of peace here and there when one just couldn't handle one more Weevil. He sighed to himself and pondered the idea of a stiff drink and a stranger, but decided against both. He got up and sat his book down. There had to be some REAL work to do around this place, there shouldn't be boredom at a top secret agency dealing with aliens. It just shouldn't be possible. Since Ianto had come around, all his boredom time consumers had been taken. He used to clean in the middle of the night, just for something to do. But Ianto had more then taken care of that for him. Sometimes he felt like Ianto thrived on it.

He gazed about his room, looking for a distraction, and didn't find anything. So he figured he'd go up and see if he could find anything in his office.

Ianto found himself breathing just a little too fast for his own good in suit like his when he reached the top of the staircase. His alarm had gone off whilst he was down in the basement, letting him know that someone else was in the Hub.

He'd set it up to alert him for any movement apart from the cells and Jack's private quarters. He was working on getting it to tell him who it was that had set the alarm off... but for now it was just a general warning. And it had never failed him yet. At first it had been set for everywhere in the Hub... until he realised that Jack never left.

Ahh... Jack. Now there was a topic of conversation that Ianto could quite happily drift off into thoughts about for hours on end.

He'd never told Lisa, though.

Just couldn't.

Adjusting his tie into prim neatness he picked up some clutter, checking some stats on a computer before drifting off towards Gwen's desk. A nightmarish clutter of post-it-notes and folders that always made Ianto's fingers itch to tidy.

Jack stared around his office, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye and saw Ianto out in the main area tidying up the desks. He wandered over and leaned against the door frame.

"You spend any more time here Ianto we're going to start calling you Captain as well."

Ianto jumped as if he'd had no idea anyone was there, looking around with actually a quite genuine look of startlement as he saw it was Jack.

"Sir! Sorry to disturb you. Got carried away with my cataloguing and remembered I needed to tidy before going home."

'Though quite frankly I'd do pretty much anything to not have to go home at all.' He thought, the astonishment slipping off his face to be replaced with a touch of a smile. 'There's nothing there, and here... here there's the basement... And you. There's always you.'

"Can I get you anything, Sir?" Putting down the clutter as he turned to face Jack, his face as keen and eager as it always was around him. "Anything you need done?"

Jacks eyebrow rose for a second and a wild smile slipped across his face. "Not unless you’re personally opening a spa that offers professional massages. I'd love a GIANT mug of that famous coffee though. Sounds like heaven right about now."

"One mug of deluxe coffee coming right up, Sir." Ianto smiled broadly as he went to move off, turning to say in his lilting tones. "The massage you'll have to ask nicely for afterwards." Turning to walk quickly up the stairs, disappearing into the coffee station area.

"Oh promises promises. If you really want to make it that difficult, I could always just...go elsewhere." A smile was shone brightly at Ianto’s back for a long second before Jack realized he was smiling at no one technically. "So. What keeps you up this late at night tiding? No matter what kind of mess is left, someone would usually want to be in home, in bed, snuggled up to their lover or a stranger by this time of night."

Jack's questions just make Ianto's stomach plummet, for far too many reasons.

He turned his head just slightly to acknowledge Jack down below as he fills the machine with water. "Yes, Sir. I'm sure someone would." He's ignoring it, he knows... but sometimes Jack does let things drop. He hoped this is one of those times. He flipped all kinds of switches on the coffee maker till it makes the perfect kind of sound.

And putting a large cup underneath he poured Jack's coffee, holding the mug at the perfect angle till it was ready. "Would you like cream tonight, Sir?"

"Might be that my mind is elsewhere tonight, but it sure seems like everything you say strikes me the wrong way. I'd love some cream though Ianto, in my coffee especially." Jack was surprised at the words that spilled out of his mouth before he could stop them. He made an honest attempt to not let people he knew on a day to day basis know when they had any type of physical affect on him. Jack made it a point to gaze around the room and look for something intensely interesting to stare at for long as it would take for him to internally reprimand himself for that one.

Ianto blushed furiously at the coffee machine at Jack's words, trying to control his breathing as he added the cream and poured his own, leaving his black and placing both mugs properly onto a tray before carrying them down the stairs.

"Umm... Here you go, Sir." Cursing himself at his 'umm' he usually tried to stay completely unflappable but Jack does bring out bad habits in him.

"Thank you." Jack wandered over to the couch with his mug and slumped down carefully to not spill the coffee. He sipped the coffee and that smile broke across his face, and was aimed it at Ianto. "Gorgeous..." He thought about making another thinly veiled innuendo, but instead just made a point to lick the edge of the mug where his mouth had left a drop of coffee. "So good I don't want to waste a drop." Jack made a motion at the half of the couch he wasn't on. "We're all allowed to sit and have coffee once in a while. Stop cleaning for a few and come talk with me. Feels like it’s been forever since one of our conversations didn't involve aliens or statistical anomalies."

Ianto's eyes slide shut at the sight of Jack's tongue doing that. Sometimes it's just too hard to watch things like that. Hurts too deeply.

They open again at Jack's suggestion though, and he put the tray down, picking up his own mug and sitting. Not too close. But not too far away, either. "It does all get caught up sometimes, doesn't it?" Smiling into his coffee mug as he remembers the last proper conversation they had together... seems like months ago but it was only a few weeks.

He took a long sip, savouring the hot blackness as it slipped down his throat. It helped to calm down the quavering in his stomach somewhat, the knot that's seemed to rest there ever since... well, ever since their last conversation, really.

"Right about now the rules say I should start of with a question about the weather, or a local sports team. But I myself could give a shit about either. So I'm going to ask you something I've wanted to ask you for a very long time, but never asked for fear of your reaction." Jack had that devious glint in his eyes that promised he was up to no good.

"What is that brown tin on the top shelf in the cupboard above the coffee maker? I'm too scared to even open it to look, since it’s been there since you came and I've never seen you use it for anything."

Ianto drank as Jack started speaking so he didn’t see the glint, not until it was too late. ...and then that question was asked, so sincere and yet so utterly devious that only Jack could ask it in a way like that.

Ianto spluttered a little into his coffee, fishing into his pocket for his hankie to wipe his lips before turning to Jack. "That... that tin holds chocolate flavoured coffee beans, Sir. They belonged to someone... someone I knew once. They... remind me of them." Ianto looked off into the middle distance and risked another sip. "I probably should throw them away or something, but... well, never can bring myself to. You know?"

Wondering if Jack really did know. Has this enigma of a man ever let himself get sentimental over something as stupid as a tin of beans?

Jack averted his eyes and nodded. "I've got a few things like that lying around here. Seem to be the things that everyone wonders about behind my back but never ask about either. Keep them, no need to throw them out as long as they don't get moldy or start talking to us or anything." Jacks eyes swung towards Ianto. "Remembering someone is fine as long as it doesn't get to the point of being an obsession. That’s a lot thinner line then people let on." Jack half nodded to himself as he said the words, seeming almost to be trying to convince himself that he was fine as well. "There is only one person that I wish I had remembered here that I don't. Not sure how I would do it truly, too good and too pure to be remembered in just one item." He shook his head hard for a long moment and grinned at Ianto.

"’Nuff of that though. Didn't sit down to have a conversation with you to mope and wallow. Tell me something about yourself that I'd never have known." The hidden meaning behind Jacks words were ’Give me something to distract myself from that last bit with...’

"I once held my breath underwater for one minute and 47 seconds for a dare. Devyn Porter his name was. I was 8, he was 10 and I worshiped him. ...I'd have done anything. All I remember was the world going a bit blue and dim as I tried to hold my head down in the barrel even longer, and then Mam hauling me out and cursing like I'd never heard before. She picked me up and pretty much dangled me upside down, thwacking all the water out of my back. And all the time I was just saying sorry to Devyn for not going on longer. Da gave me such a hiding. I couldn't sit for a week. But then Devyn came up the next day and patted my shoulder. Made the whole world seem right again."

Ianto broke off his reminiscing, relaxing back against the sofa for the first time and looking at Jack. "Think it was then I realised I was a bit... special. Always obsessing over something or other. Yvonne always said my dedication was my main attribute."

"Yvonne was a wonderful figurehead. She was right about you though, she saw something in you that you could do wonders for a Torchwood team. Glad they sent you to me, the Hub has never looked better. And you do amazing work with the tech. Not bad for starting off with your head in a bucket full of water." Jack grinned.

"Ever found any other uses for that lovely little breath holding talent, other then impressing the boys, that is?"

At that question Ianto blushed furiously before he could control it, feeling completely flummoxed and utterly stupid for letting himself get drawn into this topic of conversation.

"Ohh.. umm."

'Great, two umms in one night. Way to go getting onto this topic. Idiot.'

Jack laughed softly at the change in color Ianto had just gone through. "I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable you know. If I do feel free to just tell me, and I'll TRY to stop doing whatever it is."

"Ohh, no, it's not that, Sir, it's just..." Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he drained the last of his coffee, putting the mug on the table as a stall to let is brain get in order.

"I have this... this thing, Sir where I like getting umm... Christ I haven't thought about this in months. God this is stupid... I shouldn't get embarrassed talking about sex to you of all people." huffing out a half laugh as he looked over at Jack with puzzled eyes, trying to work out exactly how or if you tell you boss you get off from being choked during sex. Not exactly office standard conversation.

"Alright now Ianto...I'm concerned. Usually if it’s something sexual, I can't stop thinking about haven't thought about it in MONTHS? This makes me nervous." He leaned in toward Ianto looking all conspiracy-like. "Tell me Ianto. What could it be that makes you blush like that?"

Ianto blushes more, Jack being that close isn't exactly a help. It always flusters him both inside and out… and suddenly he lets go on a whole lot more information that he was planning on.

"My g... my last girlfriend didn't like it so I, umm... I kinda let it slip. I have... I have this thing about getting choked during sex. Makes it all so much more... intense. ...breath play. Haven't... haven't done it in ages. Ohh, and ...well, definitely not with my ... last girlfriend but I've always got off on being made not to breathe during blow-jobs. So, definitely not with my last girlfriend, really 'cept there was this office party once and she watched but that wasn't... Okay, I'm babbling now, I'll shut up."

With that Ianto stopped all the fidgeting with his shirt cuffs he's been doing during his babbling and tries to calm his heart down... feels like it's trying to battle its way out of his ribcage.

Jack was actually shocked by this...on many levels. Ianto had admitted to so much all at once that it actually took him a long moment to process.

"Well now." Jack was glad he was leaned forward so Ianto couldn't see the physical effects of all the naughty images Ianto had just thrust into his brain.

"I knew I should've gone to more office parties." Jack grinned and noticed Ianto’s mug being empty. "Is there more in the pot? I'll get you some cuz I need more myself."

’And a minute to walk away and face a cold counter...’

'Great work Ianto... he thinks you're that odd he's running away.'

"Yes, Sir. I made a full pot." Holding his mug out without raising his eyes. "Thank-you, sir." Slipping back into the formality of Sir because that made it all so much easier.

As Jack stood he made note that his name had been replaced by sir again...and without thinking he rested a hand on Ianto’s knee to help him stand. He grabbed both mugs and was almost to the kitchen before he realized how close his hand had been...Oh was going to take a minute to restore the order of things inside his body.

He poured two mugs and leaned out towards Ianto. "You take cream or milk? I can never remember. I know you don't take any sugar..." Jack walked to the refrigerator door and stood with it open and blowing cold air on his lower half, waiting for an answer.

"Black. Two sugars tonight please, Sir." Not that he usually has sugar at all, and certainly not this late at night but if Jack keeps touching him like that he thinks he'll need the energy. He can't help but keep looking down at his knee even as he speaks, unaware that Jack's watching. Transfixed. Still feeling the warmth flooding through him from Jack’s meager touch, though the actual heat from Jack is long gone.

'How can you undo me with one touch, Jack? ...Why do I let you.'

"Right then, that’s not fair. Last time I got you coffee I swear you had cream in it. You’re just messing with me now." Jack wandered back with the mug and grinned at Ianto.

"Now. back to the topic we had started before I realized both our wells had run dry. You probably think your strange for it, but that particular turn on is a lot more common then people realize. At least from what I've seen." He held Ianto’s mug out to him.

"I'd tell you mine but, I don't want any of my staff to have something to hold over me." Jack laughed.

"It is? You... Ohh."

Brain screeching to a halt as it tries to take everything in. "Well that's hardly fair, Captain. Not about the common-ness but you not sharing..."

He took a sip of his coffee, it was still hot enough to scald in all the good ways. "Really? ...that common?" He turned to Jack with the most quizzical look on his face.

Jack gave a half nod. "Mostly with people who don't feel in control of their own lives from what I've seen. The control freaks usually like bondage." Jack sipped his coffee and grinned. "There are whole communities that focus around what you’re interested in. Groups of people who commune and talk about it, and how to do it safely..." Jack rolled his head back and attempted to stretch his neck.

"Ohh..." 'Well that sums me up nicely, not in control of my own life. Christ, couldn't get more apt.'

"Maybe I should look into it." 'Not that it'd be any use on my own.'

"Have you ever...?" Waving his free hand left and right to indicate either direction... he had seriously no idea what kind of things Jack's actually into. He'd always figured him for an up for anything kinda guy.

Jack leaned in toward Ianto a bit and grinned. "I've done almost everything anyone’s ever asked of me. So yes, I've dabbled a bit in your little forte. Gorgeous man with the hands of a god...Would've paid him to choke me." A sip of his coffee, a pause. "Any other specifics you'd like to know if I've tried. I'm sure I could share stories that would keep you so rapt in attention that your coffee would get cold before you had a chance to drink it."

Ianto's mind almost fried at Jack's words, especially said whilst he was so close to his ear. "You... you've..." Ianto's sure he should ask more than that, coax information out of him... but hell his mind's frozen at the thought of Jack with someone's fingers tight around his throat.

And somehow, certainly feeling like he's acting without his brain's intervention, oh so gently he turns and lifts his fingers up to Jack's throat. Looking mesmerised as he traces deft fingerpads over his Adam's apple.



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