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Nixxie’s BCC Sherlock Promo & Production Pics Master Resource Post

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Please bookmark this page as I’ll be adding to it all the time.

I decided about 2 years ago that I was going to try to find every single Sherlock picture in existence and hunt down bigger sizes and rarer pics and put them all together for people, so they can make edits etc from them. I thought it’d keep me occupied for a few months (I’m disabled and 95% bedbound, so I need to find things to keep my brain occupied), But I didn’t realise how addictive I’d find it or that there are pictures that I’ve still only got in small sizes that I’m trying to find bigger - and of course they keep releasing new pictures all the time, and different countries get released different pictures and so on! So I’m still at it and it’s still keeping me quite happy 2 yeas later!

If you see any broken links please let me know and if you see any pics which I don’t have please link me to them so they can be added to the collection.

Promo pictures

Season One:

White bg: (Sherlock pt1) (Sherlock pt2) (Sherlock pt3) (Johnlock pics pt 1) (Johnlock pics pt 2) (John pics) (Hudders) (Greg Lestrade 1) (Greg Lestrade 2)

Black bg season one/two: (Sherlock mid-shots) (Sherlock Head shots) (Sherlock head turning) (John Watson) (Johnlock) (Mycroft)

Other Season 1 shoots: (221B Front Door) (Lestrade Car Park shoot)

Season two:

Grey bg season two: (Mycroft pt 1) (Mycroft pt 2) (John w/arms folded) (John arms behind back) (John w/checked shirt) (John walking towards camera) (John w/Blue Top) (Irene Adler) (Holmes brothers) (Threesome) (Johnlock) (Sherlock pt 1) (Sherlock pt 2) (Sherlock pt 3) (Sherlock pt 4) (Moriarty pt 1) (Moriarty pt 2)

Irene Adler Wallpaper: (Johncroft) (Martin & Mark bts) (Mycroft 1) (Mycroft 2) (Mycroft 3) (Mycroft 4) (Mycroft 5) (Irene & Sherlock) (Sherlock purple shirt) (Irene adler)

Other Season 2 shoots: (Battersea Power Station) (Moriarty against the bookcase) (Sherlock & John Smiley Wallpaper) (Sherlock & John on the Sofa) (Sherlock swooshy bg) (John swooshy bg) (Moriarty w/apple white bg) (Jim Moriarty on the stairs) (Jim Moriarty Stained Glass Window) (221B door S2/3)

Season three:

Light grey bg season three: (Mary & John) (Benedict, Martin, Moffat & Mark Gatiss) (John w/scarf) (John Watson w/cardigan) (Sherlock) (Johnlock landscape) (Behind the Scenes at the shoot)

Ian Derry shoot: (Sherlock mid-shots 1) (Sherlock mid-shots 2) (Sherlock full length) (Sherlock close-ups 1) (Sherlock Close-ups 2) (Sherlock in Landscape) (Black/White Johnlock) (Blue abba pictures) (Sherlock staircase) (John Watson mid-shots) (Sherlock & John coloured) (John & Sherlock long shots)

Other season 3: (Lestrade in 221B) (John & Sherlock by fireplace) (Group 221B & BTS) (Molly & Hudders in 221B) (Sherlock & John mind palace 221B) (Mycroft Stone Background) (Sherlock curtain pt 1) (Sherlock curtain pt 2) (New York Pizza Shoot)

Production stills:

Season One:

Study in pink Production stills: (John Looking around 221b pt.1) (John Looking around 221b pt.2) (John Looking around 221b pt.3) (John, Mrs Hudson & Sherlock in 221B) (Lestrade in 221B-Study in Pink) (On the run) (Sherlock in a random Alleyway)

The Blind banker Production stills: (Sherlock & John in China Town) (Sherlock & John on Shaftesbury Ave pt 1) (Sherlock & John on Shaftesbury Ave pt 2) (Sherlock, John & Greg on the Thames foreshore) (Sherlock & John at the museum) (Sherlock at the Tea Cabinet) (Sherlock photoshoot & bts at the Museum) (Blind Banker Deleted Scene pics) (Soo Lin at the Museum) (Sherlock & john in Trafalgar Square) (Sherlock & John Circus Photoshoot) (The Circus Performers) (Sherlock, John & Sarah at the Circus)

The Great Game Production stills: (Sherlock in Belarus) (Sherlock, John, Donovan & Lestrade at the crime scene) (Benedict on the Thames pt1) (Benedict on the Thames pt2) (Sherlock on his chair in 221B) (Sherlock in the Purple shirt of Sex) (Under the Arches-Great Game)

Season two:

Baskerville: (Sherlock & John on Dartmoor pt 1) (Sherlock & John on Dartmoor pt 2) (John on Dartmoor) (Sherlock on Dartmoor pt 1) (Sherlock on Dartmoor pt 2)

Reichenbach: (Sherlock w/violin-Reichenbach) (Moriarty-Reichenbach) (Sherlock & Moriarty-Reichenbach) (Moriarty in Sherlock’s chair) (John in Court - Reichenbach) (Sherlock & the reporter)

Season three:

The Empty Hearse: (The Empty Hearse Reunion) (TEH Restaurant Behind the Scenes) (TEH Cafe Behind the Scenes) (Sherlock & John underground)

The Sign of Three pics: (Sherlock & John wedding pics) (Sherlock alone at the church) (outside the church wedding pics) (Mary & John outside at the wedding) (Outside the church pt 2) (Wedding Design pics) (Wedding greeting line pics) (Wedding speech pt1) (Wedding speech pt2) (Speech BTS) (Stag Night & BTS) (Stag Night & Deleted Gay Bar Scenes)

His Last vow: (Sherlock & Mycroft & John at mummys) (221B client Mary)

BTS Sherlock Pics: (Pics from the Pilot) (In Silhouette) (John’s Blog pictures) (Cam’s bedroom pt1) (Cam’s bedroom pt2) (Monitor Pictures) (BTS S3 rare pics) (Recording the score) (Rare S3 BTS pics) (BTS Screencaps) (BTS on the Spesh)

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