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I love to write and to draw, and just recently I discovered the joy of the Mighty Boosh.
I listen to a whole lot of different music, but at the moment I really like AFI, 30 seconds to mars, Sneaker Pimps, IAMX, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Tiger Army, Blaqk Audio, The Smiths, Sarah McLachlan, Muse, the Offspring are quite amusing, I used to like Linkin Park, but not so much now.
I'm really into Egyptology and anything Occulty. And I'm scared of ghosts
For some reason, I tend to become fanatically obsessed with fucked up evil characters like Sadako and Pyramid Head (and now The Hitcher). Why? I just dunno.
Here, read this.

Tarot Cards
Suit: Not a good one
A tall, thin and rakish girl wearing a white dress with long black hair covering her face staggers ominously toward you from a concrete well. The area is surrounded by trees and there is a small japanese house somewhere in the background.
Divinatory Meanings: Drawing this card means that you are Doomed with a capital D. You have most likely watched a weird unmarked video in the past week and will surely meet your end by way of this girl crawling out of your TV and coming to GET you.
Reversed: Reversed meaning: basically, you're still fucked - no matter how you turn the card around to try and get out of it. Nice knowing you!
Element: Agonising death by Sadako's eyeball.

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