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Death Note: The End

Right - okay. Here is a small musing on the end of Death Note, now that I have seen all 37 episodes of the anime and both films. My, what a rollercoaster this journey has been.
Be warned: in the following plot dissection there are MAJOR SPOILERS. So if you want to watch and find out yourself, then don't click. Not that I expect many people read this and watch Death Note, so I guess this is aimed at Nar. ^^

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There. You can look now!


Final Grades...

Wow, it was results day today. I went in to college to pick up my envelope, not really feeling much of anything.

Remember, that in order to get into Yale college I needed to get an A in English, double A in Science and a C in Maths.

Not wasting any time, I tore open the envelope and whipped out the paper. My grades were...
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All righty, after yesterday's Drama I feel somewhat inclined to do something random - which I did, involving a digital camera, my new HOT PINK tie, my guitar Brian and my new set of MAC cosmetics (cruelty free and super cool, yo!)

So here, unashamedly, is my collection of photographs.

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......... that posing bitch.


Deleted nasty content, as looking back I fell really really guilty for saying nasty things about my mum, even though she was very annoying at the time. Lalala. <3

Bits and Bobs

So Fliss is going to set her drums up in the summer house. I inspected said summer house yesterday and to be honest it looks a little small, but she insists that clearing all the crap out of it first will make it much bigger than it seems. Like a TARDIS, perhaps?
She's got Gretch drums, or some name like that - I'm not really clued up on drumkits. I tried to play Charlotte's kit once and I was too nervous to really hit them hard - mind you, I was 14 when I played Charlotte's drums. Once Fliss' are set up I'll be banging away like a demon.
But drums are not my calling. Oh no! Strings for me.
I'm doing well at expanding my repertoire of chords and scales. I've not really covered the phrygian E scale yet, but today I will do. Now we have somewhere to practice I'm more stoked to get better at playing.
You know... we'd have a band if we had a bassist and someone to sing. : D

EDIT: I have one of the best friends anyone could ever have asked for.
There was a t-shirt on eBay that I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago, but someone beat me on the bid and I lost it. I was really upset about it (silly, I know, to be sad over a t-shirt) but recently it came up again, as the person that won it is now selling it on eBay - but sod's law, now I have no money to buy it. I put it on watch anyway.
I just checked it this morning to see how long the bid had left, and it said it had ended prematurely - someone had bought it right off with an offer of £10.
Guess who'd bought it.

Please Watch This Video...

I hate to have to put you what I just sat through, as I haven't been this traumatised in years. But I really, really think that you ought to know - you have a right to be in possession of the facts.

If you say you love animals, you owe it to them to be aware of certain things...

Your Food

I apologise in advance, if you're going to feel like I did while watching this.
Arghhh I'm so tired! Beddy times.

Ebay update - I fucking LOST that really cool AFI top... so gutted. It had a hood with spider web designs all over it too... ;_; And my POSTERS STILL AIN'T ARRIVED.


You know what, chaps.

I'm sick of being ill!! *hack, cough*
I got sent home in a taxi yesterday from work because I had crippling stomach pains. I just recovered from flu, and still have a nasty cough, which is way un-supercool. Mind you, because of this relay-race of illness I seem to have lost a stone and a half, which is... nnng... about 20lbs, in the past couple of weeks.

Aaany who, this ebay thing is magic. Such cheap stuff that you never find anywhere. But, I've bought about ten things and only one has arrived so far... grr. If I don't get my super-rare AFI poster by Monday the claws are coming out, ladies and gents.

My bag arrived the other day and it is amazing! Has seen some use already, hehe. I feel so sparkly with my new Jack bag and shiny, tiny Zen stone. ^______^

Hella rad.

I have ebay!

Yes folks - I took the plunge and bought something n ebay - my first ever online purchase! *pauses while the applause eventually subsides*
I bought... a Nightmare before Christmas tote bag. For £5! Yippee! That'll do me for college when the term starts in September. I cannot wait.

I was meant to go to Liverpool with Lu but had to cancel as the Nefarious Edd (tm) at work brought the Flu upon me. Ah well, at least he infected the manager too. As I was feeling a little better yesterday I left my bedroom (GASP!) and proceeded to go into town and spend money. I bought:

* A ZEN stone (mp3 player - the size of a small book of matches!)
* A DVD (AFI live)
* Some new mascara that apparently never clumps. EVAR. Or totally your money back.
* A couple of badges (AFI and The Offspring) that will go on the Jack Skellington bag, no doubt. At 40p each, who's arguing?
And on ebay, I bought that bag ... and just about 30 seconds ago I bought a rare AFI poster. XD

I'm also watching a 30 seconds to mars guitar pick, which was used by Jared himself and tossed into the heaving mob (that included me at the time) but I was to short to grab. Sob. But at 99p... I'm certainly interested in bidding nearer the end time.

I'm really trying with my guitar, you know. I'm having difficulty because I have very small hands and my beautiful guitar is a beast. I've had him since I was 14 and never got much of anywhere with him, thinking my fingers would grow longer as I got older - I'm 21 now, I don't think it's gonna happen. So I'm biting the bullet and doing what I can. He cost my mum a lot of money at the time and I owe it to her to learn to play him well. He's a really beautiful instrument.

Speaking of guitar, have any of you seen Jade Puget play live?! My GOD, the man is the king of guitar. He plays really fast, complicated solos effortlessly whilst leaping around the stage like a lunatic, jusmping six feet off the floor and doing mid-air splits while throwing the guitar up above his head and never missing a string. *sick with envy* He is officially my idol now. He puts poor Tomo and Jared to shame. *shakes head*
Also, it is funny to watch Davey sing to Jade's crotch. Lolz.


Tiger Army. Seriously, they are BRILLIANT. Have a listen. Tiger Army - Music from Regions Beyond. They're part of the psychobilly sub-genre, which - for those of you who are n00bs to it as I was - is a mix of rockabilly and punk. Think what you will about that odd combination - until you hear them. They are the crack LIEK WOAH. Plus... the singer has tattoos on his THROAT. Pretty voice, too. But... the thrashing riffs, 100mph drums and catchy bass all add up.

Blaqk Audio. C'MON. Who DOESN'T like electro?! Fans of Depeche Mode, these guys are a must-listen. They actually sound better than DM in my opinion. Blaqk Audio.


Hullo all. Been a while - 21 weeks according to LJ. @_@

Exams are finished, work hours have been cut to 1 and a half days per week and I have pretty much nothing to do all day except write, draw, practice guitar, see friends and listen to muusic - which is GREAT! I feel better than I have in weeks, and I've actually POSTED ART on DA.

I hope you're all doing okay - sorry I've neglected you all. Much love.

Quiz/meme thingy swiped from John's DA page. ^_^

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