March 12th, 2006


за последние сутки

я очень много спала
ночью мне снились двигающиеся чёрно-белые картинки
утром я проснулась с привкусом мяты во рту
днём мне снилось тепло
вечером на улице была зима
завтра я поеду в институт

I'm supposed to talk to you
don't even know where to start
don't want to stand with the setting sun
Tell me does it really show?

      I'll promise you anything
      Place your hand over your heart
      don't want to fool myself anymore
      Think nobody else will ever know

Could never show you how I feel
Even so I didn't care
it's only that inside
I'm so tired
So tired of being all alone

      Now the hours are breathing
      Gone like tears in yesterdays rain
      I remember voices telling me
      Secrets of mind-changing reality

Mr. White up all night
Hiding in my room
Mr. White so uptight
Black shapes of doom

Mr. White up all night
Always likes to sing
Mr. White so uptight
Even knows my name

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