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Nikki DeLoach McLean [entries|friends|calendar]
Nikki McLean

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[23 Feb 2006|07:51pm]
Nikki and Alexa spend the afternoon together
(Alexa this month ) She’s 8 months old as of 2/22.

Nikki bounced Alexa on her hip as they walked into the kitchen with Bella underfoot. AJ was in the shower after a day of meetings. Alexa had been a task to keep up with since she started crawling. She was quick and curious and giving her parents a real challenge when it came to making sure there was nothing on the floor for her to put in her mouth. She'd started to pull herself up to a standing position now and if you asked her mom and dad they'd tell you it was the most amazing thing the whole world. Nikki gave her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek before sliding her into the walker that they'd just recently bought for her. It had little activities on the top for her to play with but she was far more interested in using her little toes to push herself around the room. Nikki squatted down in front of her and gave her some melon in netted juicer type thing that caught any big pieces and just let her munch on the melon and squeeze the juice into her mouth. "There you go baby girl, I know how you love your melon." She brushed a piece of Alexa's hair aside and smiled at her daughter. http://www.biegerfamily.com/8month/37plum.JPG

Nikki looked over at Bella’s tail wagging, just waiting for Alexa to drop something for her to grab. "Come on Bella, you wanna go outside?" Nikki walked her over to the door in the kitchen that led to the garage and let her out while hitting the button for the garage door too. Luckily the dogs couldn’t leave their yard so it was safe to let them go outside and play. She shut the door, turned around and felt Alexa’s chair bump her shin. Nikki squealed just to entertain her daughter and this did cause Alexa to laugh and clap her hands. "Ooh look at you just running around here. Speed racer? Mhm. Let’s go get started on the cupcakes mommy wants to make for daddy. Okay?" As a test to see if Alexa would follow, Nikki walked around the chair and over to the island where she’d set out the ingredients before she brought Alexa into the room. She kept an eye on Alexa as the baby slowly tip toed her way over to the island, trying to suck on her melon and walk at the same time. Nikki just smiled; everything was right in her world.

Alexa watched and munched while Nikki read her directions and started making the cupcakes. She’d talked to her mother earlier in the week and set up a time for the family to come visit, coordinated with AJ and his mom too. It was something Nikki was excited about; finally telling people she was pregnant again. She was pouring the batter into the pan when she felt a pain in her stomach. She dropped the bowl of batter onto the counter and put her hand over the spot on her left side where it was hurting. She looked at Alexa and smiled to be sure not to scare her, "It’s okay, peanut. The new baby is just being rowdy." Alexa reached her hands up asking to be held but Nikki didn’t trust herself at the moment to hold her. Instead she moved over to a chair at the table and knew the curious one would follow her. Nikki didn’t know if AJ was out of the shower yet or if she yelled if he would hear her. So she didn’t yell for him. She pulled the sparkly pink phone out of her pocket and called his phone. While it was ringing she was praying he would hear it and answe. When he did, she told him she was in the kitchen and needed him. She had no idea what was wrong, if anything. Was Lilly just kicking too hard? Was there a gas bubble in the way? Could there be two babies and maybe they were fighting for space? Was something actually wrong? She just didn’t know but all of these thoughts were filling her mind. She stayed in the chair with a hand on her stomach and talking to Alexa until AJ got there. The sharp pain was gone now but it was still uncomfortable and she could feel movement which was a very good sign in her mind.
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[30 Aug 2005|11:24pm]
Thank you all for a super fun year at AC.... please remove Nikki.
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Following the Friend Trend and I got to use a pretty pic :) [31 Aug 2004|01:05am]

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