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I went this weekend to the Montreal SF convention, ConCept. Around 300 or so people that I estimated, most of them older than me, but many younger - they're drawing in a few of the anime crowd who can then find interest in other genres. Which is good.

This year, the hall costumes were abundant! And some excellent ones too! I tried to take many of the better ones, and missed a showstopper - Chewbacca, in full height and width as the original. There was also a Han Solo, but no one noticed him. :) He was around for a few hours, then disappeared; I had assumed I'd catch him at the masquerade. He didn't enter! Augh!

This one had to be the creepiest costume I've seen in a long time, including any fursuit. Everything was kind of bulgy, and the face was this big smooth mask that almost behaved like a bobblehead when they walked. And I can't tell the gender of the wearer. The total effect was creepycreepycreepy.

A very reasonable Green Lantern! Note that he was smart about the use of the green spandex not going too low. :)

Now these showed up in the middle of nowhere, though I later learned one was part of the staff. Three French guys get out of the elevator in full Ghostbusters regalia. Overalls, embroidered name patches, light-up proton packs, everything. And they also didn't stick around and didn't enter the masquerade. They'd have won something for sure!

This guy had a costume from a source he didn't reveal to me, since I told him I knew enough people who could probably tell me. :) So, anyone know this? By the way, it's all hand-made...

A couple of Jedis. Someone inthe costuming panel exhorted about taking a good long look in the mirror, being honest with what you see, and choosing a costume that fit. Then gave the example of the man here who manages to look like a near-perfect Obi Wan from the new movies...

All of the masquerade participants!

Two of the judges; French and anime to counter the third, English and very SF-oriented. I've no idea if they're supposed to be original creations or not.

One of the kids had fun with a new toy: a remote-controlled robot which he made dance during the dance. He was getting quite jiggy with it too!

He showed up on Sunday. The cape was perfectly attached and of the correct length, and just oozed and flowed behind him, making him quite menacing. And he walked with the right stride too. Little details that make a costume, even a hall costume.

I also have a few videos from the masquerade; I had to adjust the brightness up, so they were resaved with the latest DivX codec. It may still be that they can't run on Macs. :(

The Incredibles family! Very cute, the kid just kept running all over the place. (500KB)

Jedi Duel! They practiced a lot and it shows. Sadly, my camera often skips when recording videos, and it did a lot here too. (988KB)

Green Lantern! He strides confidently! I pressed the stop button too soon, though there's not much more. He said the Green Lantern Oath very poorly too. (688KB)

The Doctor and... Rose? From what I've been told, this is a very direct adaptation of a Rowan Atkinson spoof. The third entrant is Andrew Gurudata, past chair of Ad Astra, and the whole fact he did this made it incredibly funny and wrong. (2.7MB)

A pretty typical Derwin Mak routine: the Bird Hunter of Brokeback Mountain. He always makes a quick costume, has a stuffed prop, and a comedic twist. it's often pretty silly. He also has no shame. He's gone to Master division with this shtick. Judges who know him dread what he's going to do next... (3.8MB)

Here's a pretty good French routine that closed the show! It's Anime-based (can't tell which), and again, it's much rehearsed, so it flows well even at nearly two minutes! (An early group skit was dreadfully long and boring.) Here's a transcript of the exchange in order. I can't put in all the names. (5.1MB)
(announcer) "...(some name), Clow Reed and Sakura, and I invite you to discover the adventures of a Manga reader."
(reader) "Yeah, well, you know, it's really fun to come back from conventions with lots of swag, a full backpack, tons of photos, and sometimes you discover new series, well, which look like... which look like... these pages are... blank! Er, well..."
(green cape) "Six!"
(black cape) "Eight! Hah, I won! Yes! [can't make it out]
(green cape) "No! Sakura is mine!" [brandishing a ladle]
(black cape) "Whoa, whoa, calm down!"
(Clow Reed) "No! My daughter is not a prize to be won!"
(Sakura) "Daddyyyy!"
(reader) "Uh, scuse me, um, it's just that, I'd like to finish my manga, I'd like to finish my story, if it's possible, I'd like to know how it ends?"
(all four) "WE ARE ON STRIKE!"
(Sakura) "I want more Pocky!"
(black cape) "I want my sword!)
(Clow Reed) "I want more sake!"
(green cape) "I want a bigger... ladle!"
(all four) "STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!..."
(reader) "And after this they're trying to encourage us to read at school! I'm going back to my video games..."

Dancing Robots! (no points if you know the AMV reference...) It's washed out, but considering it was taken in near-darkness, it's not too bad... (698KB)
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