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I never, I'm alone, and I never, ever oh... had noone ever

Alex was at the New Years party I went to, it was awkward but then I dragged him into a bedroom, made him kneel on the floor with me and talked to him for a bit.

It didn't really explain anything, but he has stupid hair and I think that I can say I am over him now. I was really gutted that I've wasted a year and a half over this shit but I've done it now. I've sorted things out for 2004.

Oh yeah, and my first kiss of the year was Anthony, talk about blasts from the pasts. It was really nice, and he is pretty hot. It was REALLY nice, but it was when he was going home, so I kissed Max and Rob too :O

I was standing on the balcony with Mellissa and suddenly realised this girl who was also sitting on the Balcony was Amy G, with short hair. So I asked her if it was her and she said that I looked really different from last time she saw me and then went "Martin! It's Jules" And Martin was shocked too and hugged me and stuff. Then he told Anthony who knew who I was anyway, and went "Noo! Alex, guess what, it's Jules!".

I can't be bothered to write about the rest of the night, it was good, I had to get a taxi home because I'd stupidly gone into the Sauna when I can't even have a hot bath without getting a headache and fainting. My taxi driver was like "I didn't drink that much tonight so I can drive" *goes up a one way street*

Anyway I didn't do that well, make a good impression, but I'm glad I talked to him, because it was something that I had to do. It's always fear that I regret not things that I have done.

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