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Once I had a love, and it was a gas, soon turned out, I had a heart of glass

I was supposed to be spending my New Year with Stee but I didn't manage to get coach tickets, so am either;

Going to Tony's houseparty. Everyone will be wasted. turns out, only three people are going.
Going to a houseparty with some boys from college. Will get my very own punk rock name badge.
or... going to the benches. Huge gathering of stoned people in Scarborough woods.
OR Adam's party he might be having.

I don't know which one yet. My Steeeeeee came out to his parents yesterday, and all is good :)Oh yeah... I was messing about ages ago and said that Phil was gay, and Stee believed me and asked him if he'd come out to his parents yet. Harharhar!

I worked out, I have kissed 16 people this year, which isn't that much but then I was in a relationship for seven months... so.

Happy New Year. I hope you all get the midnight kiss you are hoping for.
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