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You never knew, well I never told you, everything I know about breaking hearts, I learned from you

Me and Amy went to France yesterday, we were taking pictures of french people underneath a sing that said "alcool" but I had no film.

Anyway, I got up at eight, I;d had four hours sleep after spending the previous evening playing articulate with Jack and various other people at Jonny's sisters party, which Jonny and Amy got up to something else. Harharhar. Articulate rules. I got a bit carried away and ended up acting out everything and making everyone else guess.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself though, I'd got bored when I was getting dressed and ended up thinking that it would be funny to show Jonny up by just turning up really overdone. So I wore my Grease skirt, with a black jacket with pink swirls and a top that I found in my mum's draw, with roses on it.

The top, a style I haven't worn before made my boobies look huge, but wasn't to big so didn't make me look that fat either. So was happy. Told Jack something along the lines of "You could be Austrailian, if you had an Austrailian accent." and then started adjusting my bra. {I really should not be allowed to get bored, ever}.

So we went to France, I started singing to a woman in the gift shop, but when she didn't sing back I realised that I didn't know her, apologised and went off. So if a randomite came up to you yesterday and sung the indestructable song - I apologise. On the boat Amy wanted food, and I asked this french bloke how much potatos were on their own and he said "for you, free" so we just ate loads of them for lunch. Nice froggy France people, froogggy! France! I accidently spent £8 worth of credit because I didn't realise I was being charged £1 a text as roaming charges. Plus in the car before we went to France, I text about 20 of my friends to show off about being in France and only Kris text back. But have since found out that Drew text my sisters phone as a reply and Matt and Adam have no credit and Wes isn't getting his messages, so it's only MOST of my friends that I now hate.

In France we were foreigners and laughing at crazy French people who wear braces and hats and call Carphone Warehouse "The Phone Warehouse" and wear roller skates in the supermarket. We met a Giraffe called Geoffrey and tried to remember the Toys Are Us song. But we forget one of the words. On the boat on the way back I brought cheap cigerettes for my friend Andy and then we went out with him and Adam when we got home and it was fun because they my friends and they are cool. And we smoked the rest of Andy's weed. I should stop, but I don't want to. Because it makes me feel nice. The night before last I just felt ugly and horrible, ugly and horrible and a laughing stock. Feeling nice for me is a good thing. And I was the odd one out because I am a "J" and they are all "A" but for a bit David was there. But he is a really, really scary pervert.

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