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it's a green christmas in this town, green 'cause of everything I miss, all this mistletoe no kiss

£25 and some earrings from Grandma.
Scanner from Nanny and Grandpa.
£30 from Mum and Dad.
Cleanser etc from Shaun.
Heart earrings from Faye.
Magnifying mirror from Natasha.
Pandora's Daughters {a book about enterprising women} from Aunty Caroline.
Clinique lip treatment from Aunty Jane.
Box with a mirror in from Aunty Daphne and Uncle Frank.
Gloves from Edie and Len.
Cleay beanie baby, tube or revels and Beth Orton CD from Stee.
The Holy Grail DVD and a potato from Leon.
£10 from Godfather and £10 from Aunty Charmain & Uncle Kenneth.

Drew wouldn't come out last night as is lazy but he is coming to pick me up after work tonight so *forgives*.

Me getting older. 1995 - 2001 - 2003.

faye and me

claire, me, faye, sarah, shaun, mum. aunty jane, natasha, uncle david. me with harry.

As a conclusion, I recieved two mirrors. Which leads to the equation that people feel I should wear more make up.
However, like fuck am I ever looking in a mirror that makes me look 5 xs bigger.
It did make 5 seconds of my family Christmas funner though. I made my sister look in it and then said "Honey, with those pores the only thing that I can suggest is sur-ger-y."
I also do not photograph well. Even when I am trying particually hard to photograph well .
According to Stee I look like a mother, however all my other pictures from the wedding had my bra in view.

+ fading + like the stars + we wish to be + says:
youre going to have the cutest children
i know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic says:
i am not having children.! ewwwww
+ fading + like the stars + we wish to be + says:
you sooooo are
+ fading + like the stars + we wish to be + says:
like, a million and two
+ fading + like the stars + we wish to be + says:
and they can be all ginger and pixyish and cute

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