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and ill take a step away and see if you come back because theres no more trying to make this alright

I made a deal with Amy that if she comes out and gets stoned with me and Drew and Brendan tonight I will go to Midnight Mass with her. Hahaha.
Look out church... here we come. Larry Light Weight and Harry Hash Head.
I LOVE ANDY AND ADAM AND AMY. Adam and Andy = funniest people to get stoned with.

Sorry to jimsicle for not letting you "play Romeo" last night. I couldn't face the nightbus ride home. There will be other nights though. *giggles like a schoolgirl*

Recently I have met and gotten to know the mooost perfect guy, he's funny and attractive and lovely and interesting has great taste in music and is STRAIGHT. But he lives in Austrailia :( My luck = meeting someone that I really like that I think likes me but happens to live in the land of wallabies and Dame Edna. I know SOO many male people and yet end up wanting to be with the most inconvient one.

I think I'm being sentimental as is Christmas. I actually do not like relationships, {or christmas} maybe that's just something todo with my track record. I miss the closeness though, the hugging and curling up together. I have been smoking to much weed I look like a advertisement for clearisil and feel like a twelve year old.

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