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Santa's got a mullet, he's bringing beers for you and me.

Can you feel the Christmas spirit around here? You can see it in my playlist.

I babysat last night, beat the fuckers at Monopoly may I add, and then went to Louie's friend Dan's flat and got highly mashed. You know when you say a word and then suddenly it sounds really stupid, funny, embaressing and made up, and you can't remember if it's the right word anymore and think that if it is the right word then it's the most stupid word you've ever heard?

Last night I got that, with EVERY word. Every time I thought it about a new word I thought "Okay that really is a stupid word but I'm not going to think that about the next one" "hahaha stupid what a dumb word" and so on. And then came philosophical debate headed Jules. I remembered when I was in primary school I used to imagine the week as a weird circle made out of 7 lines and all I ever used to do was imagine myself getting closer to the weekend. And I started wondering if that was all life was, a great battle to get to the weekend, the same journey over and over again.

So anyway I came home this morning at about 12, had a bath and then went into Bromley to get my families Christmas presents. I got;

Shaun; The Smiths - The Queen is dead.
Natasha; Matthew Jay's albumn.
Mum; Tony Hawk's "One Hit Wonderland"
Dad; Iain Banks "Dead Air"
Faye; Phillip Pullman "A Subtle Knife".
Stee; fuck off I'm not going to tell everyone where you can read it you sket.

It was so hard buying those two albumns and knowing that I can't listen to them. Am getting stoned with my good friends Andy and Adam in a bit so must leave. We were going to go to Feet First but I am kinda tired after last night. It would have been cool to go though a band 4 Foot Fingers that my ex boyfriends old band used to gig with are playing tonight. They're pretty good.

Someone called hardcoredion or similar in indiefucks knows the cutty sark massive! Don't know which time period of Cutty Sark legend they were linked to though.

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