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When I'm with you baby I go out of my head, I just can't get enough

I'm sick of people assuming that I can't go out with or be friends with men on a purely platonic bases without wanting to jump there bones.

I have lots of male friends that I don't fancy, Matt, Daniel, David, Davis etc.

I've been reading my shitty poetry that I wrote on my Deadjournal a couple of years back.

I'll steal your name when you go, and you'll go, the way you always have done, always was one of those things that crumbled and died, the way i did inside, the forever that didnt last so long, the always ended a long time ago.

I liked to pick purple daisys, the ones that bled, the ones that died, the way i would have died for you, withered and cracked, faded and crinkled. I put the daisys in a jar, poured in lead, bound them forever, they drowned that day. My perfect daisy chain.

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