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do you think you'll be the guy to make the queen of the angels sigh

fill it in or fuck off. if you don't fill this in you will SO not get put on my new secret friends only livejournal. if you haven't met me in real life then replace [1] with a statement about how much you love me.

[1] when and how did we meet:
[2] what did you first notice about me:
[3] what do you like most about me:
[4] If you could buy me anything what would you buy me:
[5] when you think of me, you also think of:
[6] have you ever seen me cry, if so when?:
[7] describe me in four adjectives:
[8] if we could spend a day together what would we do:
[9] have we ever gotten in a fight:
[10] if you could kill me would you and how?:
[11] would you hug me:
[12] what are your feelings about fat gothic people:
[13] what is my best physical feature:
[14] wanna have my first born?
[15] wanna makeout:
[16] name one thing you dont like about me:
[17] What would you put in my coffin:
[18] what reminds you of me:
[19] what do you think my life will be like in 10 years?

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