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and I wish I had been born a girl instead of what I am, yes I wish I had

SORTWELLS: live wid ur rents or on ur own hehe
Concretejools: on my own like all 16 year olds in london
Concretejools: good thing property prices are so allowing
SORTWELLS: so u live wid rents or bf or fiancee?
Concretejools: husband.
SORTWELLS: ur married at 16?
SORTWELLS: scary lol
Concretejools: lol no he's not 16 hes 31.
SORTWELLS: why u do that
SORTWELLS: very mad
Concretejools: he's rich and its better for the kids anyway.
SORTWELLS: wtf u talking bout
Concretejools: yeah after i had the triplets we thought it'd be best to get married.
Concretejools: so that Ethan, Ewan and little Urma dont get bullied at school.
SORTWELLS: hun if u want me to go just say k
Concretejools: he won't be back for another few hours

I'm bored. My Mum got my Prozac prescription earlier. Fucking Prozac I feel like a junkie. I went into Eltham today to see how much the presents I had been planning to buy people were.
The outcome of this was, fuck, fuck that. If you feel you deserve a present please reply to this post leaving your reasons and I will vote on it as with voting communities on whether you compliment me, say something funny and are fit.
Stee can have a present as he spent all that money on the engagement ring and told me today that "I hate all other girls because you are so damn great and put them all to shame stupid fat cunts"

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