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I haven't had a real post in a long time.
Okay. This goes back to Halloween.
All I did was sit in front of my house for 2hrs.

On Saturday I went to Amber Gaudette's party.
Then I slept over Grahams, minus the sleep.

Then I went to Stephs on Sunday, without sleep
for her moms party, and we went to Wal*Mart.

We took pictures in wal*mart, but they dissapeared.
I can't find them, maybe I deleted them by accident.

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heather celina13: i think he finds joy in seeing you miserable, which makes me sick.

Yeah, we're talking about my father.

heather celina13: he can't even say he's really a father to you.
reset stereo: i know. i tell my mom that all the time.
heather celina13: my own father has been better to you.

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Dear journal,
I feel like I've neglected you for a couple weeks.
Not a lots been going on, literally.
But everythings change, &I don't like it.
I feel like I have 4 true friends,
and one of them lives in Florida now.

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PS- I just saw a commercial that said
Best friends do everything together.
wow, how ironic.
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Mole Day Picture I Suppose.

I just got my Bradley Hathaway book & cd.
I already finished it. He's amazing.

I also read Go Ask Alice, Cut, and half of Crank
this month. And I'll finish Crank this week.

Sorry, pointless I know. But whatever.

Eh, battle Friday - anyone goin'?
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I'll put pictures from Six Flags Fright Fest up this weekend.

ANYWAY. Yesterday there were 2 fights as most of you know.
Well, one was a fight. The other was a girl who got hooked & collapsed.
And I was standing next to the girl who got hooked.
And my friend did the hitting. HAH. Poor girl had a skirt on.

Today Jazzalyn & Lili came over to do our project for History.
It's so horrible .. I'll take a picture of it, & post
that on the weekend w/ the other pictures.

Pointless entry, but I was bored. Kay bye!

I am HARDCORE. I will windmill kick you in the face.
Everybody back up, make a circle, lets destroy this place.
The lights are low, &I'm about to go off.
Here comes the breakdown, KARATE CHOP!
Raise up your arms, make an X if your down.
Me & my crew, we own this stinkin' town.
Watch out for my fist, your face it will kiss on purpose.
I'm tough, and I'm ticked!
I don't slow dance, I don't salsa dance.
Forget the tango, I don't slam dance you idiot.
I dance HAAARDCOOORE on the floor.
I'm the man you never seen before.
When the drummer yells GO!.. it's my time to blow.
And in between songs, I yell at all the bands because
I don't care what they have to say.
I'm not here to learn anyway.
I'm here to dance. In a zone; in a trance.
I don't smoke cigerettes.
But if she's willing, I'll drop my pants.
Premiscuous, I am. But I'm vegan, I don't eat meat
or any of that stuff cause it's fat for you, right?
I wanna save the animals, I don't care about sweat-shop
scandals. I do not shop at Hot Topic.
Madball, Hatebreed, Throwdown, & Terror.
I own them all on colored vinyl, limited edition & hand numbered.
So you won't see me askin for no autograph.
Cause I aint lookin like no fool; I aint no pop-culture tool.
If they aint screamin, I aint listenin.
If they aint got a blast beat, I aint tappin my feet.
I eat emo pansies for breakfast.
and I give their little t-shirts to my little sister.
so cry about it you messanger bag, purse carryin' whatever.
I wear girl pants, but I'm homophobic.
Yet by the way I be huggin' on my home-boys, you wouldn't know it.
I've had my ears stretched an inch since back in 96.
Somebody told me that hardcore was a place to share what you believe.
But I didn't like what you said so I flipped him off & told him to leave.
I'm mad at society cause my parents wouldn't buy me a new computer
even though I asked .. politely. My plastation2 is broke
but my X-Box works. But when that breaks, something will hit the fan.
And I will express myself with RAGE and ANGER just like the man.
Cause that's how it's done, right? You get mad & start a fight, right?
I think I may, I think I might take my insecurities out on
that punk .. in the pit .. tonight.
Cause really I am just insecure.
More than that I'm kinda scared, & I'm hurting inside.
& I don't know how to deal with it.
I don't know what being a man means.
I thought acting TOUGH was the way to go.
But now that I think about it .. I'm emo.

^^^I love Bradley Hathaway.
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I just sold my flute for $150.

I think I'm going to Great Adventure on Saturday.

And I think I'm seeing H.I.M in concert.

Lifes pretty sick right now I suppose.
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we got good at love, you got good at rollin' your eyes

It's October.
Last night me, Tabby, & Amanda went to the game.
We made it fun; we took pictures; acted dumb, etc.

I'm going to drop off disposable cameras at wal*mart today
from the concert on Tuesday, yayayayaya.

I hope those pictures turn out alright.

I ordered tickets to the concert on the 7th.
He is Legend, Funeral for a Friend
Anberlin, and Story of the Year.

This one didn't say No Camera's.
SO I don't have to sneak disposables in.
But I don't know if I should bring my digital
just in case it IS no cameras?

Retards try to act all thatCollapse )

PS - No one reads / comments anymore.
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