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Last night was the HIM concert.

We got there when the first band Fireball Ministry was playing.
And I had no clue they were gonna be there.
They were fucking amazing though.

Then Skindred came on. Amazing as expected.

The singer and guitar player of Fireball Ministry came out.
And I talked to them and got their autugraphs.

Next was Finch. Best live band thus far.
They were just incredible. Period.

As they played, the singer & another guy of Skindred came out.
We talked to them and got their autographs.

Then fucking Bam Margera, Rake, Brandon? & Ape came out.
And Ape was like "I MADE CARMEL CORN!" and threw bags of it out.

Finally, HIM played. And it was just.. incredible.
When they played "Join Me In Death", theres the one part where
it gets quiet and Vallo says "This life aint worth living."
Well, he didn't say it when the instrumentals stopped.
He backed away. And the crowd said it. &it was amazing.

&I got 4 fucking cd's. And 3 free stickers, and a free poster

I didn't get caught with my camera, surprisingly.
A lottttttt of people did.

I have to drop off my camera at Wal*Mart soon.
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