What's *your* sex fruit?

29 July 1984
I do *stuff*, with research and concept software systems, in the defence industry. I do not blow shit up... it's SO much more interesting and exciting than that ;)

Love Noise,Industrial,Psytrance,Leftfield/Ambient IDM, fun, fluff, lovely lovely people

Hate people who are stressed, whiny, bitchy ones, and most things to come out of the West Midlands.

I travel lots around the UK and find myself abroad several times a year exploring new places and revisiting now-common haunts in Germany and Canada.

I'm very very easy going and laid back, which may or may not be a good thing. In general if people are nice to me I have no reason to be anything other than decent back to them.

NOTE: This journal hosts a combination of public and friends only entries. To enjoy full uninhibited fun comment to be added.

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