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Mar. 13th, 2011


(no subject)

Glade ticket sorted, lineup is looking decent so far.

Also on this summer, depending on whether we get on the performers list will be Sonica (in Montenegro) and Sunrise (in slightly less exotic but still rather agreeable, Somerset).

Mar. 5th, 2011


Photos from Oberhausen / Maschinenfest

Finally I've gotten around to uploading my photos from Maschinenfest last November. They do quite well to capture the resonant industrial spirit of Oberhausen!

The sets can be found in my Flickr account here (LVR Industrial Museum) and here (M'fest itself).

Mar. 1st, 2011

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(no subject)

 *Squeeee* and all kinds of bouncy joy... Meat Beat Manifesto are playing in London at the beginning of April. Got my ticket! :D Also can't stop listening to this today as a result.... one of their sets from 1997.


Jan. 2nd, 2011


(no subject)

A new demo snippet...

Syncalapse - Pick Us (early demo clip) by Syncalapse

Nov. 12th, 2010

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(no subject)

Been a little while since an album took my aural senses to a place of distraction and wonderment.

This is the solo project from one of the guys in Ab Ovo, one of my favourite ambient idm artist pairings ever since I saw them in 2007.


Nov. 11th, 2010

god, bug report

(no subject)

Despite the lineup not yet being up on the Slimelight site, the 20th November will see Izsoloscope and Autoclav1.1 join Mono No Aware for a night of some filthy filthy beats :-)

Makes me laugh that despite seeing them 6 times now this will be the first time I'm going to see Izsoloscope in the UK!

So come along everyone... or at least the minimal number of you that are still on LJ.

Nov. 10th, 2010


Maschinenfest 2010 in brief

Maschinenfest was once again a beautiful mix of great music, new discoveries, and fun people from all over the world, and has as usual left me with a major post-festival comedown. This year worse than ever :'(

However, highlights of the weekend were:

- The new venue they're used, having moved to Oberhausen this year, was stunning. An old power station, in which the Turbine Hall is the main performance hall. Old, beautiful, and remarkably appropriate for the music. Plus they had the massive light and sound rig we've come to expect :-)

- Getting there the night before made for much more energy and less travel-fatigue.

- Music music music it's all so good. Subheim, Nullvektor, Izsoloscope, Config.Sys, Asche and Edgey were my favourites that I knew before, Niveau Zero and Sonic Area are my two new discoveries.

- Talking more to people than ever before. Including Rika & Beate, Anouk <3, Fred (the hidden 'third' member of Isz), Daniel Myer (*swoon*) the Danish, and a couple of new interesting UK debutants.

- Taking photos.

- Being photographed.

- Jagermeister!!

Nov. 4th, 2010

clubbing, transl8tors, blue

Off to Germany this evening

So it's happened, I'm a LONDONER!!

And my God a lot has happened since I left Malvern. Headline news to follow sometime soon, but that will have to wait as I'm off to Germany later :D Not so many English going this year which is a shame but I'm sure this won't dampen the spirit and gives me the impetus to meet new people. Plus the American lot will be there.

So, bands I'm looking forward to at Maschinenfest, Architect (new album is minimal and quite good), Subheim, Iszoloscope (obviously), Sonar, Winterkalte, 13th Monkey, Ah Cama-Sotz, and Nullvektor. Should be awesome, and there's a new city to explore with places like this... http://www.gasometer.de/de_DE/index.php

Aug. 27th, 2010


(no subject)

The first batch of Maschinenfest bands just left me speechless... it's top notch as predicted :-) And with a few new names I've been wanting to see, Subheim in particular.

Aug. 21st, 2010

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Of logistics

I will get around to a proper update at some point but my current focus is the impending logistical nightmare of having to pack up everything I own whilst keeping out the necessities for two weeks of living away from home *whilst* starting a new job, before I get the keys to my new flat, can move in, and can have my belongings delivered to London.

So yes I've secured a lovely flat in Tottenham (Bruce Grove to be exact) within the same square mile that I know LOTS of people, it's a big two bedroom place so large enough for a decent party with space for people to stay. So a housewarming is pencilled in for the beginning of October, probably the 2nd or the 9th as things stand :-)

I start my new job a week on Tuesday so I've got my farewells to make to my current colleagues next week. I've already had to say goodbye to some people who have disappeared off on holiday and it's a really hollow empty feeling, I don't like it! But new opportunities abound etc etc.

And I am *really* excited to be moving to London which has had a certain draw on me for quite a while. And I'm going to love it! Get totally stuck in to the spirit of the place, make a significant step in my career and be close to the people I love spending time with.

I've been grooving out to some classic Hybrid tonight while packing. Their first album Wide Angle is still such an awesome work fusing distinctive breaks with classical strings scored by them but performed by the Russian Federal Orchestra. Love it!.

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