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50 sxs sentences - #1 to #9

Here is my try on it...

#1 – Aftermath
“Of course it’s your duty to put the cooking oil back to the kitchen”.

#2 – Jealousy
“Go flirt around and bear to live with hickeys at the most visibility spots for the rest of your life!”

#3 – Date
“What is the difference between fucking you at home and in a hotel room?”

#4 – Impatient
“Just wake IT up already, you pathetic form of a cop!”

#5 – Kiss
“Did you change your cigarettes brand?”

#6 – Friends?
“We do sex, don’t we?”

#7 – AV
“What do you mean cut!, I’m not done here!!!”

#8 – Busted
“No point to hold back your voice anymore, ahou”

#9 – Overtime
“But tonight is our first anniversary……”

That's so far, the rest would be whenever heh heh heh...

QY's 50 sxs sentences responds - #14, #18, #11

Yosh! I have made responses on queen_yokozuna 's 50 sxs sentenses. Such fun!!!

#14 - Sex
"Bend over my desk, ahou."

#18 - Speed

#11 - Name
"Yes, I am trying to do just that, Sano, but gomen ne, I cannot continue if you keep calling me 'son of a bitch cop' de gozaru."
"Shuddup you son of a bitch cop, just do that already!"

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