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Entries by tag: rant rant rant your mouth~

Oooooh..., I've said it!!! -- ver.2

So I called up Kino's PS. Saying that I wanted to stop ordering English manga. The though is not coming out of the blue. I've been thinking about it since the end of January but heck if I really wanted to stop. It's more of cutting off myself for whatever that attached me to this place where I am at the moment, and this city where I live. The second reason, if I really leave this place, means I won't have any work. No work, no muhnee, no buy nothing. I wouldn't want to work for others anymore. I'll prefer to make my own. All the details of this plan are at "Oooooh..., I've said it!!! -- ver.1" hidden only for me, hehe...

However! I asked Kino to stop ordering books under my name. They could call me up when the next batch has arrive but that is it. Errrrrrrrmmm..., not really. Because I also said that I still want to consider about long series titles. Argh, I'm so indecisive, yes I am. But, I already took the milestone by talking with them about it *nods to herself*. Whatever, this is my problem...

To white_poem, I have talked about your book/s with them. Let's discuss it at our fundoshi sometime this evening.

Then this is the second major change I made this month. Blahblahbalh are hidden at "Oooooh..., I've said it!!! -- ver.1" too. Hehehehe...~

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