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This was written for somewhere else. But the forum is strange, it doesn't let me post for anything instead it keeps sending me to the loggin page. May as well post it here, with some modification because this is my own LJ. My house, my rule.

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Wrote this at Wiggle's ML~

I too am more of a fan of older BL, but I also hope that there will be more of "underdog" mangaka. When they announce the book by Azumaya Kei, I was like "Huh? Yay!" I am dying to see more of unknown or little known names such as Billy Takahashi, Akai Toreno, Fukai Yuuki, Haruno Mami, Hashiba Rin(ta); to name some. As for the title by them, I'll jump into anything that offered. Oh, Hardline series by Dan Karan would be nice too. Kunieda Saika's name is going up, but I am her fan so I pray for hers too.

I also have a wish for any books by the late Kayama Yumi. But I think the chance is way too small. Things may not as same as in the literature world where books by deceased (Japanese) authors published every time *sigh*. But, who knows...

Another hope of mine is, that they will take titles with historical/period background setting. Japanese or European all the same. Romance series by Azumi Moka will be my choice. Itchi Yuzuki's Ouchou Haruyoi no Romance series will be nice too, but it's a shota-ish so I'm not sure.

For the newer creator, I would like to see work/s by Basso. The art is somehow different in my opinion.

The above are for manga, the only yaoi media that interested me. I don't have anything for the rest then.

I live at the other part of the world (totally!) BTW, so I will not be able to go to attend the event. Argh.