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Ants are realy @$!%*&|#.

First, they dip themselves into my coffee mug. Then, they bite my lips when I drink it.


On glomptackles, schmuggles and comatoses

*glomptackles queen_yokozuna back* <-- tell me please, my dear glomptackled victim, why this line goes like this?

In this hard life like this, I reallyreallyreally need to stock up your schmuggles till it hits the roof. And I think don't need to do the same with any of your comatozes A-N-Y-M-O-R-E. Eventually I'll say how it tortured me o_O gyahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

But I had my turn on comatoze-ing earlier than yours, so, why complaining... But again, I wanted to complain so I just keep complaining.

And instead of making this as a comment reply, I present this as a post. I will blame myself for ever so wanting to post something for you but no idea what~

But the subject title is so promissing, no? Only, after writing it I went duuuuuuuh. Brain-freeze attacks...

And I am torturing you back by not letting you to leave any comments, nyahna nyahna nyahnaaaaa~

Gah..., I missed you like hell!!!

*feeling loved - skip... skip... skip...*
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