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The deal is, this is my latest passion. A passion that has been neglected by me for maybe half of my age. Neewayz, after almost 3 months of contemplating, experimenting, this and that, that and this; I "only" accomplished this far but my hearts feels a bit contented. To talk about my own crafts, I'm not easy to satisfied *sighs*..

The first bunch, other than the eyes-killing bright circling blahblah at the bellow left, is of kanzashi-inspired. I just happened to make that bright circling thingie. Erm, no, it is not a just-happened; to be frankly actually that is the result of my frustration in  finding locally any lump of 100% wool fiber. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need that d@mn material for dry felting *grumbles*.

The second batch! Named it Ropie Gurlz. Why? Go figure. It's my own creation, with the references of many little dolls I've seen in my life. Yes yes, I am a doll fan yay~
Whoops, the needle pin used to attach the blue blouse gurl is sticking up XP

Blame my re-awakened crafty side if I neglecting manga and BL. Heh, it's not not-possible, nyahaaaa~