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I wonder if it works now...

Instead of writing another review, today I dedicated my time to learn how to do lj-cut. This one is another try, I wonder if it works. Ah, it makes me remember what happened ten days ago. After trying so many times, when I see this comment, I got annoyed and replied as not nicely. At the end I deleted the post totally, as I realized that it could lead into a flame war. It's not a nice thing to do to inside a peaceful comm... 

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Bunch of thanks to elfen who voluntarily tutoring me about this lj-cut's matter ^_____^

PMS-ing --what's new about it, huh...

PMS-ing! Gwah!!! It means I'm taking a ready-to-snap time bomb everywhere I go. Then it's time for me to lock myself up in the shells. As long as I needed until my mind reminds me that I am claustophobic. Then I would jump out and look around with a though like "Wow, life looks so beautiful! Yay!!!".
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