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In the past 6 years my interest in books had been narrowed into manga only. Be it for BL & yaoi, or any other genre. For the same span of time, guilty as charge, I neglected any other kind of books I already have. My excuse is, which actually is not a mere excuse, heh, almost every book that I have kept at the places other than where I live at the moment. In the rolling of time I became too busy to read text books so it just made things worst. Gotten too often to leave a book in the middle of reading it and then too scarce to get the chance to continue, makes the reading very much not enjoyable. Going back and fro the pages to get the forgotten details back and all that jazz are tiring like hell. I’m not that bright, unfortunately, therefore I could lost any details of an unsolved matter so easily.

A few months back, after certain situations, I was forced to get to handle those neglected books. The previous latest database has gone into the ditch hence I have no choice than to start it all over again. Made one in an exel spreadsheet, then put it up into my online catalogue as well. But, I wanted to arrange it in a list based Japanese Literature Books on whatever I feel like it to post in my blog/s too. Aaaahhh..., doing things for my books is something that I love the most--yes, I'm being hyperbolic.

I decided to start with my collection of Japanese literature. It's a long time affection that came before manga and stopped abruptly when my interest to the later went sky-rocketed.These are the books I bought up to six years ago, added with a few new titles given by etre_de_viestre March this year. I marked it with a double asterix [**].

I think I still missed some titles though. I have to go to the warehouse where I put my things from the time before I live in this hut, to make sure if I still have the now missing books or have not I. Before making any decisions on buying it again of course. I did lend my books to some people to whom I trusted my book with but after some years it proofed that it’s a false hope *sighs*

So, here's the list of the gems hidden in the dusty corner of my neglected shelves. Each title linked to the book-info of my online catalog. But please be aware that I am prone to mis-link.

I may update the list, if the missing books are found and/or when I bought new titles; maybe link it too with with book reviews. But, plans are never work for me...

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While taking a break...

Been using the few past days in between doing other things, to go through all of my books collection. My poor books, they had been stored in the cardboard boxes for so long! Since August 2004, the time when I stopped sharing the house with my old roomie. The first two years the boxes were sit at his house, and then for the one last past year stored at a storeroom I rented especially for it and my other tidbits from the old years. Untouched.

*sigh* Broke my heart to see most of them. Some are bearing the signs of dampness, some others are curled quite a bit. Oh dear, oooooooh dear...

Just like a bad karma, I kept losing the written data of my book collection. Started it at my old lappie about a decade ago, then moved it to a newly bought PC after a few years. Eleven months after that, by 1st November 2000, it was disappeared together with my less than a year old PC thanks to the burglars who broke into my house. Left me with the print-out, at which allowed me to continue the neglected list in my old lappie. Again, things happen. I.e. I got a new lappie so I gave the oldie to my ex-roomie after swifting the data to the new one five years ago. Or so I thought, but in fact I couldn't find it anywhere in my new lappie. While the oldie was totally crashed now according to the helpless-with-technology ex-roomie. Bah.

The latest print-out is no where to find. So, here I am, humming tunelessly this song by John Lennon since that is what I actually am doing in putting the data into excel spreadsheet. Of course the numbering I stuck at the books help me a lot. I also am adding up with the new ones from the past 4-5 years. Got to work on it for some reasons and cannot delay it anymore. I knew a time like this would come anyways, but, to say it bluntly, I was too lazy since I was and still am deliberately let myself to be gripped by my manga collection.

The fun side in doing it is to find things I used as page marker--probably this is the purpose. There were flight boarding passes, cigarettes aluminum papers, a picture of my cat from a long time ago, a postcard of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a postcard of Kurt Cobain, sticky post-it leaves, and others (what others!?). As well as to see what I wrote in the book about who gave it to me, where did I buy it. Most of the books could be stand as log trips as I tend to buy books at anywhere I go. I did a lot of trip due to my work years ago, even to remote areas like a city of Ruteng in Flores Island. Or, Nias Island (the spot is no where to find since the massive tsunami by late 2004 and some other big earthquakes afterward); and orang-utan preservation at Bahorok/Bukit Lawang of North Sumatra (the place I think is no where to find as well since there was a big flood from the river nearby the preservation area a year earlier than the tsunami event).

It could also reminds me how I at first would not even would lay an eye to the  manga section of Kinokuniya. At the beginning, by the late 80s to the early 90s, there was only one of its store in the town and it's at this mall, Plasa Indonesia. When I went there, my book shopping wise ritual would be the Times bookstore first at the underground and then up to level where ever Kino was if I feel like it. Such a memorable though. Eh heh...

The not fun at all side is to think that I might have lost some books. To see a number of empty lines at the spreadsheet, that must have happened. I am quite stingy to lend books to others, to think that people tend to take it lightly if I don't want to say irresponsible, when borrowing things like books or musical CDs and cassettes from others. But, I do make exceptions. And, it's such a stupid act. Only one of those people in my exception list that would give the borrowed books back: my late mother. Usually along with her own books she has done reading.

Salute to you, mother~

Back to work, me~