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I'm starving but thanks god it's Friday Sunday. Sundays are gohan-blah-tempura & ocha days now. Usually I would save it for dinner time, but today I'm way too starving to wait for longer so I'll make it as brunch. Or maybe lunch, I'm so in the mood to upload pics at my flickr account. The last time I ate proper food was Friday morning. For yesterday, at night I managed to glob down a banana, two packages of energizer cereal and a bar of a Japanese..., let's say survival food in the reference to the old times when I still do any wild life activities. Got to take some carbon absorbents before my tummy starts to bloat gas and causes the nasty headache. I'm just too excited on something, so eating became something that out of my interest. Stoopedd but that's how I am.

I think today I'm not going to that Japanese thingies event at my old university. I was about to go last night, to stay overnight at some place etre_de_viestre had booked me a room at. Thought that I could go easily to the event if I stay nearby. Unfortunately, Etre's mom got sick. I was on my way when I heard the news and turned back home right away. Don't think she would be there today. My intention to go was to have a nice time with her. Since I've lost the purpose, why bother going.

I just jumped into conclusion that she won't be there. Cannot phone her up because my cell's simcard acted up. After sabotaged my text-messaging and timing my phone calls for weeks, this morning it asked for the PIN # but the correct one was rejected. Blargh... My emergency number is a pre-charge, unfortunately I let the daughter of my friend-da-boss to use it up so can't use it now unless for a few of  text-messages. Sent one to Etre actually, asked her to contact me in there if she needed. I thought that because she keeps this emergency number of mine too, she could contact me in there. Haha..., what a silly thought since my text-message would give out the number to her anyway. Oh well, but at least I saved my thumb a big time for not having to explain whose number is that ^0^.

So I need to recharge this number. Now I remember that I should let my friend-da-boss who is out of town at some shooting location know that my main number is out of order. This thought will surely speed up my going, I think, and may makes me to have brunch instead of lunch. Unless I stop by first at Kinokuniya store. That what probably would happen. Last week I only take 2 out of 5 books I was interested with--craft books, mind you--so I can't wait to get it. Plus, that's how the standard procession when I go to this mall. It situated at the different building of the eating place of desire and any other shops I may pop in. Am too lazy to go back and fro.

Shoot, why didn't I asked Kino main store to send the two craft books I reserved to this branch. Argh!!! My fault. Yesterday there was an event at the main store. I don't have any idea of what the event was all about, nor I really care. It's just that if I come with the invitation I could get the one-day only 5% discount. I have to admit that the chance of me going was small *lol* I would spend too much for the cabs anyway. BTW, there's another discount-possibility at another branch store.20% store-wide, for several days, but I think I would spend a lot more for transportation. It's too far away and my mobility is lousy, I am too spoiled with the cabs' conveniences. I feel that's the only mean of transportation that would let me feel I'm still a human--you'll get the idea only if you know what a $h1t the mass transportation in my country is.

As an addition, the location of the 20%-discount store is a super-mall(?) I decided of not visiting. Other malls/shopping center buildings have caused traffic jams for they were established without thinking about this possibility. While this particular premises took a whole street to disappear. Someone accused me of being supportive to unemployment, what a pity for this person missed the subtext core of my point of view. Not my fault *shrugs*

Talk talk talk taaaaaaaaalk, now I'm done with the flicker-doing. Time to go~ GOKANA, HERE I COOOOOOOOOOME
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In theory, I’m stopping in buying English (BL) manga. In reality, I’m moving to another shelves seemingly *head-desks*. If not that, why did I bring home 4* 6 books of needle-works and 2 books of the art of  kitsuke instead? While the purpose of the visit was to pick up my manga batch--and a hope to find a kumihimo book for beginner, hehehe...

Reasons #1 - there is a 50% discount for selected crafts & fashion books. Rare chance. Something not to be missed *nods nods* Yeah, sure…

Reason #2 - why didn’t I take any manga home. First, suddenly I remember that I wanted to use Citibank’s free vouchers. It's not the first time that I thought about it, but usually I would just dismiss the belated thought. Thinking that there will be another time (I keep forgetting to call them up to get the vouchers). This may be my last chance, no? Erm…, heh… what ever lah... Hope that I would remember to call them up and claim my rights this Monday morning. And, here is the second reason of Reason #2 *rolls eyes*, there are still three books more on the way from the main store.

Oh-kay, I'm a hopeless case. I’m just justifying my own action but what's new. The more I am telling my self, the more awkward I become. Oh well… *scratched head*, yeah, I admit it, I just moved into another shelves. When will I leave that ‘new’ shelves I wonder. Listen to what the cashier lady said, “You bought quite a few of craft books lately. We sure won’t miss you even after you stop buying English manga”. Oh, how I feel loved *roflmao*

Unless if I move into another city, but there's always the chance to shop-on-phone. o_O I'm really getting no where, and who am I trying to convince ~_~

Ooya..., I'm sleepy.

I forgot that I did get one manga. Picked up whatever on the top of the stack. Just checked the plastic bag out, yeah, it's Nitta Yuuka's Prime Mister somethingblah (don't mind me, is sleepy) book laid inside. Along with white_poem 's Ai no Kusabi novel (sowwy, Yuu-chan hehehe...)

*2nd ETA: the needle works books are 6 instead of 4 x_X
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