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Japanese Literature Books

In the past 6 years my interest in books had been narrowed into manga only. Be it for BL & yaoi, or any other genre. For the same span of time, guilty as charge, I neglected any other kind of books I already have. My excuse is, which actually is not a mere excuse, heh, almost every book that I have kept at the places other than where I live at the moment. In the rolling of time I became too busy to read text books so it just made things worst. Gotten too often to leave a book in the middle of reading it and then too scarce to get the chance to continue, makes the reading very much not enjoyable. Going back and fro the pages to get the forgotten details back and all that jazz are tiring like hell. I’m not that bright, unfortunately, therefore I could lost any details of an unsolved matter so easily.

A few months back, after certain situations, I was forced to get to handle those neglected books. The previous latest database has gone into the ditch hence I have no choice than to start it all over again. Made one in an exel spreadsheet, then put it up into my online catalogue as well. But, I wanted to arrange it in a list based Japanese Literature Books on whatever I feel like it to post in my blog/s too. Aaaahhh..., doing things for my books is something that I love the most--yes, I'm being hyperbolic.

I decided to start with my collection of Japanese literature. It's a long time affection that came before manga and stopped abruptly when my interest to the later went sky-rocketed.These are the books I bought up to six years ago, added with a few new titles given by etre_de_viestre March this year. I marked it with a double asterix [**].

I think I still missed some titles though. I have to go to the warehouse where I put my things from the time before I live in this hut, to make sure if I still have the now missing books or have not I. Before making any decisions on buying it again of course. I did lend my books to some people to whom I trusted my book with but after some years it proofed that it’s a false hope *sighs*

So, here's the list of the gems hidden in the dusty corner of my neglected shelves. Each title linked to the book-info of my online catalog. But please be aware that I am prone to mis-link.

I may update the list, if the missing books are found and/or when I bought new titles; maybe link it too with with book reviews. But, plans are never work for me...

The list is in the authors' names alphabetical order



Rashomon and Other Stories

ATODA Takashi

Square Persimmon and Other Stories, The


Crackling Mountain and Other Stories

No Longer Human

Setting Sun, The

ENDOU Shusaku

Sea and Poison, The **


Stained Glass Elegies **


When I Whistle

IHARA Saikaku

Life of an Amorous Man, The

IKKU Jippensha

Shank's Mare

INOUE Yasushi

Counterfeiter and Other Stories, The

Hunting Gun, The


Romaji Diary and Sad Toys [2 copies in the library]


Old Capital, The

Sound of the Mountain, The

Thousand Cranes


Box Man, The

Face of Another

Secret Rendezvous [2 copies in the library]


After the Banquet

Confessions of a Mask

Death in Midsummer and Other Stories

Decay of the Angel, The - Sea of Fertility #4 **

Forbidden Colors

Runaway Horses - Sea of Fertility #2

Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea, The

Sound of Waves, The

Spring Snow - Sea of Fertility #1

Temple of Dawn, The - Sea of Fertility #3

Temple of the Golden Pavilion, The

Thirst for Love


Shiokari Pass


Vita Sexualis


Strange Tale from East of the River and Other Stories, A

NIWA Fumio

Buddha Tree, The

OOKA Shohei

Fires on the Plain


My Asakusa : Coming of Age in Pre-War Tokyo


Paper Door and Other Stories, The

SOSEKI Natsume

210th Day, The **

And Then

Grass on The Wayside

I am a Cat III [3 copies in the library]


My Individualism and The Philosophical Foundations of Literature **

Spring Miscellany and London Essays

Ten Nights Of Dream, Hearing Things, and The Heredity of Taste **

Three-cornered World, The

Wayfarer, The


Harp of Burma

TANIZAKI Jun'ichirou

Cat, A Man and Two Women; A


Seven Japanese Tales

Some Prefer Nettles [2 copies in the library]


Distant Thunder
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