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This was written for somewhere else. But the forum is strange, it doesn't let me post for anything instead it keeps sending me to the loggin page. May as well post it here, with some modification because this is my own LJ. My house, my rule.

The most of manga in my collection is in my own language, Indonesian. The price is cheap, converted into American dollar would be only about US$1,5.- per book. Most of my fellow countrymen took manga or comic books are not worth buying especially when it’s not cheap. It forced the publisher to squeeze down the price as low as possible, resulted the book to come out in small size. Then, after the economic crisis ten years ago, we say goodbye to dust-jacket.

The silly thing is, some who think on how unworthy it is to buy manga are those who read it too.

The biggest company which publishes manga in Indonesian has been into it for 17 years up to this November. I myself have only been into for the last 5 years. To get the back issues, I'll do just anything. Jump into a title like a lunatic, forgetting that I have already got it or even consulted my notes of collection. Oh well, it doesn't spoil my fun anyways. It just doubled my collection, or tripled at the most. No harm down, I just ended with a little over 7,000 books of my Indonesian manga in my collection. The genre is varied

When things got to do with Boys’ Love sub-genre, then it is another story. There is a little number that was published locally, but, it’s impossible even to hope that they will publish more than what they had. It made me resorted to other languages I couldn't read, Chinese and Japanese; and tried my best to get as many as I can. Then performed a little of acrobatic to make it get into my country. I had been in that curse for about two years, then ended the spree after possessing around 1,800 books in Chinese (manga and anthology), nearly 600 books in Japanese including doujinshi and a handful of artbook. Add 50 something for magazine. Not to mentionExcluded a hundred or two more which the whereabout is unknown. Yea, missing shipment did occur.

The Japanese books I have can be seen at my online catalog here. I’m in the process of putting up the Chinese ones, only managed for 116 books so far (26/11: added up~). To put up Japanese and English books is easy; all I have to do is to apply its ISBN-#. Then everything comes out by itself. But, can’t do the same with other language so working on them is such a tedious task. The same tedious was when putting up the Japanese doujinshi actually, but I am done with it.

The booming of the English-licensing of yaoi manga helped me a lot get over the above buying spree. It’s became nothing but starting the collection all over again. Now in my collection you can find a tittle in in several different languages. In English and Chinese, or English and Japanese; as well as in English, Japanese, and Chinese. But, I need to read the real book in my hand so I'm fine with it. No, I'm happy with it.

My supply of English manga is one of the local Kino stores in town. But I got helps from my wonderful friends who went abroad, and maybe more. Here is my collection of manga in English, mostly are BL, of course. However, I proudly say that in general BL is just another genre or sub-genre of manga that I'm reading and collecting.

I still have to put up a small number of manga in English into the catalog system. They are Singaporean publish so the ISBN-# thing doesn’t work in here too.

My living quarter is a hut; this is not a good environment for my book-collecting hobby at all actually. My country itself is high in humidity already, while there are two big trees that shade my hut. Go figure. To prevent the books, I tried several ways. Among other, to use zip-lock bags before stack them in the shelves. For the Indonesian books that are small in size, I use the biggest bag I could find and put a whole series all together into one bag (see left pic). For the Japanese and Chinese, a small bag for each will do (pic in the right).


Some, if not the most, are stored in plastic boxes


However, I couldn’t help to let some scattered around the hut until I have the time to take a better care.


Especially for the English books, since they are text-readable, they got to be beyond my reach for my favorite reading position: in bed. Be it in plastic boxes, or scattered on top of the boxes' lids; the place is non other than next to my sleeping area.

Since a month ago I’ve moved 95% of my Indonesian manga collection to a better place for some reasons. Now I could concentrate to my other languages collection. I have my trauma. By last February my city was attack by a big flood. More than 200 hundred of my manga washed by it. Mostly are Indonesian but this is only the beginning of my nightmare. I was just got back from a trip to Singapore to pick up 300 Chinese and Japanese yaoi manga that were stranded in there; with another 30something newly bought English manga. I stored the last in plastic boxes, most were still shrink-wrapped. The flood stumbled the boxes down...

I cried, of course, and spent weeks to treat them as much as I can. At our place there is a video-editing room which aircon is always on. I conquered the place to work on my washed manga until I was done.



BTW, once I was asked by a local forum of Japanese-related stuff to present a picture and a short description about ourselves. What I did was took a self-picture that shows myself in my surrounding and with my most passion. To say in other words, a picture of myself in my surrounding that is nothing else than my most passion. The pic is also shows the most disgusted fact about me people who against it would find: I am a chain smoker. With this picture, I didn't need to describe verbally (I censored my face. Ha!).

I am a member of Toko Kawai LJ comm, and once I participated in a contest. The prize then mailed out from the States into my country that is situated at the other half of the world.

Among all the pictures of my collection, my favorite is the bellow. It is a proud self-photo taken 3 years ago when my collection of yaoi manga was a mere several hundreds in number. The picture is inspired by a painting by Frida Kahlo, titled (in English) What the Water Gave Me (1938). This is the picture I used as my profile photo at LibraryThing.

Editing on the English usage is at anytime when I feel like doing it~
Just found out that the links to LT weren't working that 'way'. Fixed it~ [Nov 26]
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