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Pram's for Etre~

For etre_de_viestre  ,
you are studing English literature so I use its language~

Sorry, didn't see your text message soon enough. Was working at the main house since morning and my mobile was left under my bed. On purpose eh heh heh... Since it's going to kill my thumb to write this all as mobile's text message, here I go.

Found in the net a number of Pram's English-translated books, but no idea if it's everything. Those publshed by Penguin Books, at least therefore maybe more, are:

All That Is Gone (possibly: Di Tepi Kali Bekasi)
Awakenings (Bumi Manusia & Anak Semua Bangsa compilation) - The Buru Quarte #1 & #2
Child of All Nations (Anak Segala Bangsa) - The Buru Quartet #2
Footsteps (Jejak Langkah) - The Buru Quartet #3 --you're aware on this one
The Fugitive (possibly: Perburuan)
House of Glass (Rumah Kaca) - The Buru Quartet #4
It's Not an All Night Fair (most probably Bukan Pasar Malam but reading the review I doubt it with Catatan dari Blora)

Another version of the first of Buru Quartet, outside the compilation version under Awakenings title and is titled This Earth of Mankind (see here too), was published by another publisher seemingly.

In my collection these are what I have at least:
Anak Segala Bangsa / Hasta Mitra
Arus Balik / Hasta Mitra
Bukan Pasar Malam / Bara Budaya
Bumi Manusia / Hasta Mitra
Calon Arang / Yayasan Bentang Budaya
Catatan dari Blora / Hasta Mitra
Di Tepi Kali Bekasi / Hasta Mitra
Gadis Pantai / Hasta Mitra
Jejak Langkah / Hasta Mitra
Keluarga Gerilya / Hasta Mitra
Mangir / Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia
Perburuan / Hasta Mitra
Percikan Revolusi Subuh / Hasta Mitra
Rumah Kaca / Hasta Mitra

They have been sent to Bandung, but, if necessary, I'll try to pull it back for you to borrow until your thesis is accomplished.

The above are fiction and/or fictionized biography (besides Calon Arang I think, and I also am not sure about Mangir too. Meanwhile, I remember that I have at least these two non-fiction:
Hoakiau di Indonesia (Hoakiau in Indonesia) (the recent publication, not the older one)
Perawan Remaja dalam Cengkraman Militer (Young Virgins in the Military's Grip)

They are still at my place, you can come to try find it by yourself by digging the mountain of plastic boxes where I keep most of my books ^o^

I found interesting fact and stuff on Pram and Pra too:
Alex G. Bardsley's database
Alex G. Bardsley's database on Cornell University Library
Pram at wikipedia
More when start from here

Enjoy your research o/

PS: If you need to leave a note, leave as comment/s (gee, I feel stupid to say it). I screen-set it in case you are shy (ha!) so only you and I would be able to see. Text message me if it's sort of urgency. I'll be working at the main house and not with the compie for a few more days. No email too, better not if it's urgent, with the same reason (please pray for me to not forget to bring it along *sweats*). Will try to check later in the evening--speaking of which, I need to do it now too--I guess o_O;;;
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