April 30th, 2008


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Where the heck could I get a pair of good pinking scissors for fabric *grumbles grumbles*. I've been looking for it high and low for two months! Should I buy it from amazondotcom instead, huh? Huh? Huh? I learned that the s/h cost will be about 30% of the price. It's not a book, so I won't end up paying for a double or even a triple for the whole thing like what would happened if I dare to buy one from there. So it would be a good deal.

OK, I may have to widen my searching area. Meaning I got to go to the entire city of Jakarta. That would be  ridiculous even, for it would  cost me, the transportation and all that jazz, much more than amazondotcom's shipping. Not to mention the time and the energy spent. Therefore, I think I will only broaden my search on the net. There must be places with cheaper prices. I found this online craft supplies shop that has the same brand and model and the price is US$5 cheaper. Pity they don't ship to my country.  At eBay a seller is selling the same thing for US$2.99 but the shipping is US$6.00 *lol*. Erm, but they don't ship to outside USA *cries*.

A friend in Australia informed me that she saw this kind of scissors at a craft supplies shop she visited a few days ago. That visit was by my request, too, for I asked her to find me rovings of wool fiber and because she's a nice person so she did--she doesn't have an LJ account so she wouldn't know that I praise her BOHAHAHAHAAAA... Unless someone told her to *glances at a certain someone*. . She didn't find any rovings for me, but she remember she saw pinking shears. The price is over $30 (Aussie dollar), however she needs to check if that is really what I need. There is other kind of the similar scissors, but it's for paper. I got this kind already, in several shears' variations, but they won't do for fabric (of course, they're paper's).

While waiting, and looking, I lay my fabric-cutting life into my rotary cutter I think. Have bought the zigzag refill blade yesterday, but haven't tried it yet. I need to get the blade no matter what, so the buying wasn't for replacing the scissors in question merely. Because, each tool has its own utilize, say I. Eheheheeee...
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