April 21st, 2008

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In theory, I’m stopping in buying English (BL) manga. In reality, I’m moving to another shelves seemingly *head-desks*. If not that, why did I bring home 4* 6 books of needle-works and 2 books of the art of  kitsuke instead? While the purpose of the visit was to pick up my manga batch--and a hope to find a kumihimo book for beginner, hehehe...

Reasons #1 - there is a 50% discount for selected crafts & fashion books. Rare chance. Something not to be missed *nods nods* Yeah, sure…

Reason #2 - why didn’t I take any manga home. First, suddenly I remember that I wanted to use Citibank’s free vouchers. It's not the first time that I thought about it, but usually I would just dismiss the belated thought. Thinking that there will be another time (I keep forgetting to call them up to get the vouchers). This may be my last chance, no? Erm…, heh… what ever lah... Hope that I would remember to call them up and claim my rights this Monday morning. And, here is the second reason of Reason #2 *rolls eyes*, there are still three books more on the way from the main store.

Oh-kay, I'm a hopeless case. I’m just justifying my own action but what's new. The more I am telling my self, the more awkward I become. Oh well… *scratched head*, yeah, I admit it, I just moved into another shelves. When will I leave that ‘new’ shelves I wonder. Listen to what the cashier lady said, “You bought quite a few of craft books lately. We sure won’t miss you even after you stop buying English manga”. Oh, how I feel loved *roflmao*

Unless if I move into another city, but there's always the chance to shop-on-phone. o_O I'm really getting no where, and who am I trying to convince ~_~

Ooya..., I'm sleepy.

I forgot that I did get one manga. Picked up whatever on the top of the stack. Just checked the plastic bag out, yeah, it's Nitta Yuuka's Prime Mister somethingblah (don't mind me, is sleepy) book laid inside. Along with white_poem 's Ai no Kusabi novel (sowwy, Yuu-chan hehehe...)

*2nd ETA: the needle works books are 6 instead of 4 x_X
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