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UIDA Shiuko ~ Zange - Confession Of His Own Guilt

Zange - Confession Of His Own Guilt
UIDA Shiuko [初田しうこ]
(KANO Shiuko [鹿乃しうこ ])
Bamboo Comics REIJIN Selection, Take Shobou; August 1998


This book is a compilation story with Confession Of His Own Guilt as the title story.

At his spare time and during the school-breaks, Ikoma Noboru would always spent the time at the soccer club store room along with two of his classmates. No need a smart-guessing to know what would those three boys do in a place like that in a yaoi story like this. Yeah, what else. In the while, no one knows that Noboru, the ultimate uke in their game of three-some sex and an impolite pupil toward their old algebra teacher, Andou-sensei; was suffering a long term trauma after being molested by a stranger when he was little. As no one knows as well what the terrible scar at Andou-sensei's right hand had to do with it.

At glance this is just another teacher-student romance story. Only that the couple is not two hotty bishies as it always be in a 'normal' yaoi story. Noboru of course is the kind of young guy we expected Uida-sensei would create. On the other hand, the algebra teacher is a mere ordinary old man you can see anywhere in your life--though sometimes you could tell that when he was young he must be a good looking guy. In my wild guess his age is about in the middle of 50-ish. So, among other things, there is a way too big gap between the two lovers' both age and appearance (hotty bishies versus ordinary oh-it's-too old man).

I would say that those are what makes this story is different with any other teacher-student romance yaoi story in general.

Note: This one-shot is scanlated by Nakama.

(2nd draft, light spell-checked, un-beta-read)


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