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HONAMI Yukine & TAKAGUCHI Satosumi ~ Koi Wa Kawaki (Be Thirsty Of Love)

Koi Wa Katachi (Be Thirsty Of Love)
HONAMI Yukine [穂波ゆきね]
and TAKAGUCHI Satosumi [高口里純]
Hanaoto Comics, Houbunsha; August 2001


Three highschoolers, two upper classmen and one under classman, happened to fall in love with a same girl who had a tragic fate of leukemia; as well as dated her at about the same time to the extend of sexual relationship. After the death of the said girl, the two upper classmen were sort of trying to find comfort at the younger guy in a peculiar way, positioning him into the place where the girl was during intercourse, on their three-some sex to lick each other wound. Under the depression in the lost of his girlfriend, the younger guy passively accepted it as if it was a normal thing. Nevertheless, he was the strongest among them all, the savior of those two sempai when they reached their limit to break.

If I say that I don't have any sympathy towards the girl, I may accused of being heartless. Or, in the eyes of yaoi fans, it's something not unusual to think of how we sometimes can be so against het relationship in any yaoi story because it is a yaoi story. This time, I thought of something else and I have my own reason.

I can understand how desperate she must be to know that her dying day was approaching. I think that's why she deliberately let herself to fall in love again and again even though she already has a long-time boyfriend, and let the other relationships developed as deeply. Included in here is sex--what else.

It said that sex originally is a procreative behavior for any member of animal kingdom including us the human being. It also said that when a species sensed that they were about to extinguish, they would increase the above behavior as a prevention. Looking at it, the said girl did it just accordingly. But, as far as I know, human's membership at that kingdom is at the highest level because to live we are equipped with the sense of logic than just having a mere basic instinct. Oh, I went too far!

However, I've never been in the same situation as she had. So, what do I know, huh?

Note: The whole volume (I think) is scanlated by the member of aarinfantasy forum (will go on with more detail when available)

(1st draft, light spell-checked, un-beta-read, headachy)
Tags: be thirsty of love, honami yukine, koi wa katachi, review, takaguchi satosumi, yaoi

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