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i love seeing these things between classes.
when a person looks to the right, they're remembering. to the left and they're creating... or fabricating. i think i can watch CSI and still be cool. well, the part of me that knows i never cared for being cool.
french speaking exam tomorrow. that's second period. first period: vocab test. A, A... school is a drag.

i want to be a nutrition expert. and an activist. a top notch hippie.
i'm thinking of cutting my hair shorter. but i won't. i'm too stubborn pining for it to grow back. i cut 10 inches off... that's what... a few years of my life it'll take to grow back down to my waist.
that's okay.
i am in a transitional period. i don't feel like i can be my own person living here.. with these people. once i'm out of here in 1 or 2 years, i'll be able to breathe. who knows anything at seventeen?

i have some self-loathing to do. no, not loathing. self-... figuring out. i have some self-figuring-out to do. and also, laundry.

and kelly, i hope your dance went allright.

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i love cappuchino & dessert in french class.
exams start tomorrow and end late next week. i didn't realize it was thursday.
i need a vacation.
i'm glad i found a girl who is so similar to me and my reactions. but i sort of wish she knew better.
i try too hard with people sometimes and then other times, i'm completely oblivious to them making an effort to get close to me. i'm vulnerable and brusque at the same time.
started wearing my retainer again. i haven't even looked at it since the 8th grade. i.e., it killed.
i need to start jogging or something. i feel heavy. maybe i just need to get some of the bad out of me.
please be a good day tomorrow...