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Nandi's Nitemare

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Nightmare Photography. If you steal it, i will make you suffer horribly for it

My friends call me Bambi.

I love Japan and everything to do with it. I love the culture, the food and of course the fashion. I love Gothic Lolita fashion...^^ I am a professional photographer who was originally based in Brighton, but is now based in Canterbury, Kent. I have a DD (Double Distinction) in BTEC National Certificate in Photography, I also have an A in A-level photography. I have a Canon EOS 5D digital camera, and I have extensive knowledge on how to use different types of film cameras.

I also have up to 10 years editing experience, starting on Paint Shop Pro then moved onto Photo Shop about 6 years ago. I edited  my images to give them a mystical, magical feel. I want to give the illusion of a fantasy world full of colour. I love photographing Gothic & Lolita If I feel the model has something unique and special. I always look for people who have amazing wardrobes and style themselves very well. Alternatively I have one of the best Makeup Artists in the business on my side to help out on any paid shoots. Of course this is something to mention whilst booking!

I also enjoy working with models/lolita's from around the world, so if your visiting England and feel you have what I'm looking for then don't hesitate to email me!

In my journal you get a mix of photography stuff, random ramblings as well as random posts of artwork. I don't lead an amazingly awesome lifestyle where I have pictures of drunken nights out or any crazy outings...I'm very normal and post the occasional photo lol! So please don't expect to have sometime amazing to read every day :3


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Images above copyrighted http://www.nitemaredesigns.co.uk

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